Web site search engine supplier Swiftype raised $1.7 million

Swiftype Y Combinator support start-up, as the main business to provide web site search engine. A Swiftype in the seed financing round 170 dollars investment, investors including Andreessen Horowitz , NEA , Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, , Ignition and other angel investors.

Swiftype is established in 2012 year to build real-time search engine as the main business, and according to the importance of the pages in your site content for each page search sort of adjustment. Enabled on their website Swiftype after the search engine, Swiftype H will provide the control board, allows the website operators independently to define search results, such as increasing entry or cut paths. And install Swiftype search engine is very simple, only need to add the web with the JavaScript code.

Swiftype Matt Riley, and Quin Hoxie told me that the financing will be mainly used in the development of mobile search and the promotion of brand of the company. Riley, , Swiftype to rich function of search engine, which is no longer just a search box in the corner of the page. By providing custom and analysis functions, Swiftype to the search box into a powerful marketing tool. At the same time, Swiftype r&d team is working on developing the tool that can display search trends, as a result, web site operators can be visitors to related content.

Riley said, the website operators by Swiftype can easily understand the content of the user is searching, and they searched but failed to get the content of the relevant information. At the same time, Swiftype provide a background tools that can help the independent search engine optimization.

Swiftpe the main competition from such as Attivio , Endeca kind of enterprise search software company. Hoxie said, at present, for large enterprises to provide services such as ford, Boeing and hallmark of the Endeca Swiftype the biggest rival in the field of electricity.


Hoxie also pointed out that now Endeca is in urgent need of more different server, the server capacity is the top priority. The Swiftype this API have to ensure no such worries, at the same time Swiftype and to independently extend the search scope, and faster increase readership.

Hoxie , Swiftype the current biggest challenge will be to brand promotion. After all, the thought of searching, most people either major search engines, or build your own search.

“frankly, so far the information retrieval is not fun, so very many people for information retrieval is not liked. said. search engine services can be more deeply and refined. Makes search engine is to consider how to provide users with better search results, and secondly is how is the content providers is the user’s search condition were analyzed, and the more accurate effectively control the market situation.

Swiftype has 7 users, up to 1 month visits $ 3 . Swiftype service price from 20 to 300 $, provide different custom solutions for enterprises.

participate in the financing of angel investors including , SV Angel, Alexis Ohanian, Paul Buchheit, Start Fund, Garry Tan, Harj Taggar, Jared Friedman, and Trip Adler, Tikhon Bernstam with Tech at Michael Arrington, founder in the partnership of CrunchFund .