Web game company had holding formal debut in Hong Kong has a market value of hk $8.5 billion

3 October afternoon message, web game development and domestic distributors had holdings (Forgame) today officially listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the opening price of hk $61.75, compared with 51 yuan shares rose 21%. Since then, the authority holding shares climbed, closed at 67.50 Hong Kong dollars, sky rose $16.50, up 32%. At present, the market value of hk $8.5 billion.

look holding formal Hong Kong jumped 32% on their debut

look holding listed code of 0484. The HK, priced at HK $51 per share, plans to sell 31.37 million shares, raising HK $1.6 billion. With plans to sell 65% stake in new shares, 65% for old stock. The listed, traveling holdings by money, its sale to 27000 people subscribe, frozen endowment nearly hk $54.6 billion, a Hong Kong IPO this year “frozen king”.

look holdings was founded in 2009, founded by the five executive directors and senior management, including the CEO dong-feng wang. Listed before traveling holdings held two rounds of upfront financing, introducing a number of venture capital and private equity funds.

in 2012, the authority holding introduced TAAssociates, qiming, such as three investors, a combined 28% stake. Traveling holdings management has a 66% stake, founder and chairman of dong-feng wang owns about 21%.

the IPO by China international capital and jpmorgan chase.

according to the prospectus file, traveling holding 2012 annual net income of 218 million yuan, adjusted net income of 240 million yuan, 777 million yuan. The company mainly by players purchase virtual items to obtain the income, the platform 91 wan issued 20 independent research and development and 59 agent web game, and has more than 179 million registered users.

at the same time, in 2012, the net income of the industry, web game development authority holding top, 24% market share.

public information, the authority’s predecessor is online game company Forgame group, was founded in 2009, headquartered in guangzhou, a wholly owned subsidiary of three: the Philippines in guangzhou and guangzhou jie is responsible for game development, guangzhou is d dynamic game operating company, but since 2011, began to swim product independent research and development page. Now has “Ming dynasty era”, “mortal fix true” and so on.

source: sina science and technology