Wearable equipment manufacturers Kiwi: a single function of wearable devices have been out of date

, a Toronto wearable equipment start-up company, recently can wear equipment, they think that a single function of wearable devices have been out of date, is a huge waste of resources and the creative potential of people, and their company is developing with the cloud computing platform similar hardware devices, can collect the activities of the user data to provide a richer user experience. Kiwi team in this year’s hackers conference ( at Hackathon) shows their preview products, shows its powerful effect, to the world by the built-in MIDI devices interface to make music.

Kiwi Zaki Hasnain Patel and Ashley Beattie said in the introduction, the user can through any support MIDI equipment to make the music , because it is through the cloud platform synchronized, so for some particular users, they can be used in the kiwi equipment for music creation together.

as for kiwi the purpose of development of the platform, they are described: they want to borrow the kiwi , will make its using range wider applications. For example, you can have a fitness tracking application to implement ‘running process to use it to keep track of your fitness, also can use it to monitor the baseball swing process, in order to obtain the optimal effect of swinging; In addition, don’t you want to when you come home, home lighting systems, and even home theater has been ready for you? Kiwi in the future are likely to make it.

co-founder Patel and Beattie says this is just the beginning, they prefer to kiwi can provide people with healthy early warning, for example, through the built-in warning bells, of a heart attack early warning, Beattie said that the current medical level can advance 13 hours of a heart attack early warning, and they will cooperate with other developers that will advance again this time 3 hour, then they will cooperate with the community, then, is not only a trace of a single wearable devices, to a large number of kiwi equipment tracking warning.

it is understood that although the kiwi haven’t any product mass production, but has been producing engineering experiment, and accept reservation on its web site. Money, they plan in this month 24 start a financing project, though, much attention has been paid to the platform project since Canada start so they choice scope is very big, but it is said that the kickstarter is their main raise the platform.