Warning: baidu library to copy the zhihu posterior

almost all Internet media peers when it comes to zhihu, agree that this is a good website, it gathered a lot of professional people, every day with a large number of valuable content.

zhihu is a what kind of website?

zhihu, founder of victor zhou’s adventures are zhihu is copy site. Beijing business newspaper reported that in November 2010, the birth of the first zhihu version, zhihu started the closed beta. Two months later, on zhihu is launched. Zhihu to attract a person with rich knowledge to create value on zhihu, zhihu reference site operating strategy, through strict access at the invitation of the system and the use of lee celebrities such as the spread of the campaign.

victor zhou’s adventures that “China’s Internet has a lot of spam, truly valuable knowledge and insights, in everyone’s mind is not all share and excavation. Zhihu breeding is to be able to make continuous production of knowledge, experience can be overtaken by precipitation of a community. Simple question can search on the net, if very professional problem, the Internet does not have. At the same time, the search will always face a problem, you don’t know what is right or wrong.”

after more than two years of development, the development of zhihu rise much faster than the same period of rice and vexed question net and similar q&a community, has become the independent question and answer community. “Innovation works investment background, gives the zhihu trying to get the aura of the industry elite. Lee’s title is one of the largest advertising zhihu. This is more than the other websites Gao Shuai rich!” One in the industry and hunting cloud network communication is such a review.

challenged with no profit model

users had, traffic had, but can see zhihu commercialization. Result was in January this year, the market rumors zhihu cannot profit in the short term, innovation works to withdraw zhihu. Zhihu encounter since the biggest crisis of public opinion.

media reported at the time, when it comes to the profit pattern of zhihu, zhihu united into far view on zhihu is still in the stage of content production, and the profit model should be held behind spread, belongs to the third stage, “first can’t try so hard. And for the development of two years, the development is still in the stage of “slow”, into a far explained “in a team, a community culture. Team working is now getting better and better, and the community culture also need enough time.” He said, the current zhihu from rapid development stage also early, “requires at least three years,” he said.

“now through advertising profit easily, without hurting the user experience on the section of the enterprise, advertisers fee”, a far thinks, the profit pattern of future zhihu too big difference with the traditional enterprise, also is given priority to with advertising.

as far said future still mainly rely on advertising, advertising is one of the most common Internet economy to liquidate. Have a lot of valuable content, and can only rely on advertising. Obviously, zhihu conforms to the condition of zhihu business model has no explored.

baidu library transverse inserted

baidu library and zhihu have what relation? Baidu library should fight shanda literature! At present, zhihu indeed to match size of library. But in the baidu library measures against the background of zhihu and baidu library.

the first, baidu library introduced digital reading platform, this is basically a B2B business, because baidu is mainly composed of enterprise business, and individual users. Recent public data shows that baidu library digital reading platform in 75 copyright agencies and 60 copyright 3 million copies of copyrighted content.

here, baidu library and zhihu did not conflict!

but baidu library recently did a thing, will be enough to cause zhihu alert! Baidu library professionals are being courted in!

“if you are education, qualification examination, professionals in the field of the Internet, finance, law, etc, have professional original documentation, you can through the library platform documentation will spread to more people, get more influence; Baidu library will provide you with the copyright protection, revenue sharing, search priority, strong personal promotion, such as privileges, to make you enjoy the domain expert status!”

baidu library recruitment post is clear a message, to baidu library value to share your information, but also money. Baidu library directly to the end of the original information free of charge, and relying on its powerful resources to build the new business model.

although on the product shape, baidu library are quite different and zhihu, question and answer and pure documents show only the both sides of the product form, but the future will also introduce the products in baidu library question-and-answer mechanism, it can’t help letting person to extrapolate.

but baidu library signal already very clear, the future will build a library of knowledge, the first thing is to compete for the author of high quality, and the author’s copyright.

baidu library can back to search, and other resources, baidu zhihu on what?