Wang xiaochuan happy ending! Alongside big style + search disappear, far away from our profile

cloud network hunting on September 15 (editor: qing nan)

the protracted sogou sale finally hammered out in today’s afternoon, according to sogou, sohu and tencent tripartite agreement, signed, and its search business of tencent and other related assets into sogou, tencent then get sogou deals fully diluted 36.5% stake, and tencent holdings would increase to 40% or so in the near future.

at this point, the pressure on wang xiaochuan his heart a piece of stone finally fell. For him, this is also one of the most perfect ending. Not only have the giant provide financial support, fewer search the competitors, the company and not lose control, more important is successfully avoids the 360 investment or acquisition.

heterogeneous sogou 360 “romance”

why do you say so? I’m afraid that through his differences with zhang.

it is well known that wang as a technical pie in sohu internal entrepreneurship is obvious. Early, due to the significant results of search and input method get the appreciation of zhang. But later on the strategic development of sogou, differences of two people more and more big. The highest sogou sale is politic.

there are equity because a professional manager, one is the parent company, big boss, two people in the introduction of resources to promote the development of sogou better purpose should be consistent, but in the interests of the individual outlook appeals.

sogou “gossip” object contains more than 360, baidu, tencent and ali. There was news that 360 bid for the most active, baidu bid higher. Zhou want to take a stake in sogou already a long time, also to refuse to baidu, zhang is also interested in association with 360.

as built the sogou wang xiaochuan, he can independently is the biggest appeal, if can add behind giant resource support, to sogou do one hill, it into a vassal.

but zhang is the biggest interests, how to ensure that sohu sogou and this can have the biggest development as a whole. At best, can help the sogou into the giant, let sogou big development, also can enjoy the benefits of sogou. Second, even if cannot enjoy the benefits of a sogou great development after, can also exchange to the resource with giant, sohu has a great development in order to help.

Compared to 360 or

of baidu seems to be more in line with the interests of zhang, the other party, or can be replacement, with shares in the business to make sohu holding business opponents. And internal warfare with tencent and ali, the focus is not in the search and a browser this, even the equity transfer imagination is not enough in the short term, long term, can also be difficult to have a big harvest.

if there is a giant buy sogou, wang will be the main palm sogou business in the short term, but different giant for its large difference. If 360 or baidu acquisition, two strengths were client and search, if after the acquisition, the sogou business must have collected cut down and merge, wang xiaochuan control and power have a larger discount.

as a result, from the point of comparison, he is more willing to tencent or ali two parties. If so, wang xiaochuan personal value is relatively large. I did not understand the two to understand either the search browser and input method, want to rely on wang xiaochuan, will retain complete team. Leading is the biggest task of wang xiaochuan independently. Plus behind giant resource support to the sogou do one hill, into a vassal.

maybe, after a period of time of precipitation and thinking, zhang and wang had the consensus and compromise. Cheng Ling peak has revealed that, there’s a giant gave wang xiaochuan price (it is possible that tencent), as long as it can take the team out of the stove, will invest one hundred million dollars. That or wang xiaochuan card.

based on the analysis of wang and zhang relations seem to be able to draw, zhang on this issue should be made concessions, and has made the weigh and wang xiaochuan interests. If, after all, the life and soul of wang’s sogou business drove its departure, sogou and sohu are heavy losses.

without the “search” the rival

although tencent has a reputation for high quality “shanzhai” ability of the individual in the Internet, but had to say on the search business, is a scar of tencent. From March 2006 started running, now more than seven years time, inside the tencent, management in a wave after wave, strategic adjustment, but always falling only single-digit market share, mainly based on internal search to bring the quantity of QQ. It was ma and other management in the heart of a sore point.

the key question is, tencent also missed the browser to drive the search of growth opportunities. This strategy in 360 and sogou is more obvious. Here, only blame tencent’s own browser it unwillingly.

although search market share is small, but always let baidu, 360, sogou several players. Don’t forget, QQ im currently second in the market, the sogou input method has a great threat. Besides a few years ago, the search is ever with sogou litigation, patent infringement to greatly. Nowadays, inject sogou search team, less a sogou rivals, as well as technology and patent resources.