Wang Hang: low-frequency product more suitable for Web App

as the user time online to transfer on smartphones and tablets, App be browser after another large flow entrance. Many start-ups over the PC, also directly developing Native App (localized application, need to download and install), but suffer from too much (number of Android applications has made millions, iOS application more than 900000), a little promotion expenses such as everybody else; There are also some entrepreneurial companies to power Web App (directly in the mobile browser to open), unexpected results have been achieved. What kind of products are suitable for Native App? What kind of product use Web App easier to promotion? Startup unprofitable for a long time how to stick to go on? Hope business veteran, good doctor online, founder and CEO Wang Hang can give you a little inspiration.


interview after good doctor mobile end shift to Web App has obtained the good result, also let the industry to a new understanding of Native App promotion effect.

Wang Hang, good doctor online, founder and CEO.

Wang Hang with Zhou Hongyi in 1998 (the king and weeks) is a junior high school classmates together founded 3721200 two people together again into the yahoo China, 3 years later co-founded qihoo 360.

Wang Hang left qihoo 360, 2006 and Hu Shaoyu, rodin, with 500000 yuan founded the “good doctor online”.

good doctor online is China’s largest online medical service, has now completed three rounds of financing, as of April 2012 has a staff of 170 people.

here is the interview content:

baidu news: good doctor client online more than two years, Native App installed capacity is 4.5 million, live 50000, the desired data?

Wang Hang: first when doing the product positioning, we locate it necessary for health care applications, so to live the day had generally expected. Because users don’t get sick every day, so, can’t live like games, social networking products. Installed the limited application market, with a lot of brush list phenomenon, we gradually drop in the list. We always put the Native App as an extension of our service, so on the promotion of investment is not big.

baidu news: a good doctor after moving the center of gravity to Web App, Native App have falling growth rate, and day live data?

Wang Hang: good doctor still attaches great importance to the Native App, the growth rate of Native App and live data did not. (note: previously disclosed according to the good doctor Web App daily PV, more than 4 million Native App daily PV of about 100000.)

baidu news: are some products don’t fit into a Native App to promote?

Wang Hang: I think not suitable or unsuitable, for it need to do the product positioning, the audience want to know, before fully estimate the product effect. Some products are suitable for Native App to do, and some products through the Web App will get more attention. product relatively low frequency, do it may be more suitable for a Web App, such as medical products, etc.

search or on the mobile end user is the most important choice

baidu news: to the future development trend of the Native App you have what opinion?

Wang Hang: mobile Internet is the general trend of the future. Through mobile terminal, provide users with more convenient, high-quality service is all companies will consider now, many company already has a large proportion in the flow is from the mobile terminal, take us to the mobile traffic has accounted for 40% of the total station.

Native App won’t replace PC services, but there will be more based on the mobile end products. As wireless Internet, wireless network coverage and the growth of smartphone penetration, can let more developers to focus on them, and create more and more based on high quality products of wireless devices, such as based on geographic location, near field communication technology products.

baidu news: search in the future mobile side would give way to a Native App?

Wang Hang: my personal view, search in both PC and mobile terminal, are the most important user choice. on PC user habit, also there is no doubt to the mobile terminal, we found that there are a large number of users will open the baidu in mobile phone, through the search results.

in the mobile terminal, search and the relationship between the Native App, is actually a Web App and the relationship between the Native App, it is not who is more important , or different user habits, as are accustomed to with your left hand, can say status is higher than the right hand or left hand instead?

mobile medical has not mature profit model, affected by the policy of big

baidu news: has experienced three rounds of financing haven’t find a doctor seems to be a good profit model, investors worry? Will bring new investors?

Wang Hang: so far, we have not found a mature profit model, but we are trying to call this fee.

after 7 years development, our investors already know that for mobile medical, profit is not fast to achieve. No consideration is being given for the new financing, we.

baidu news: a good doctor to help you find a good doctor “this position ever shake? Whether can increase the drug knowledge to promote the business such as enlarging the scale of company and cover more users?

Wang Hang: didn’t wavered to the location. at present, the good doctor is one of the largest professional domestic outside the hospital medical service institutions. Let patients find a good doctor is what we always do.

good doctor doesn’t increase drug knowledge, because a patient need to eat what medicine, both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, these are all need to doctors, rather than by us. Patients with a responsible for yourself, it must be to get a doctor for the doctor’s advice for medicine, rather than through other channels to get medical advice.

baidu news: the current fierce competition in the mobile medical industry? Over the next five years the size of the market can have how old?

Wang Hang: is not yet a competition. Now more developers with the issues of health or medical problem is very light, such as period, weight loss, fitness, etc, like a good doctor, there are few companies pay close attention to medical treatment.

now more developers to focus on the concept of cool pictures, update, but there was no attention to the service itself, and the good doctor more is to have a clear medical need, need to contact a doctor, need to go to the hospital patients, help patients from online to offline.

media predicted before, after five years of mobile medical market size will be billions of dollars. I think with the development of mobile medical equipment, will drive the expansion of market scale and coverage, but also affected by the policy.

with lover prenatal gave rise to a good doctor, encouraging young people to venture

baidu news: a good doctor is the fourth time you business, the business relative to co-founded qihoo 360, seem a bit “slow”, then cut into the Internet too early medical this point?

Wang Hang: this business is a bit slow, this is because in medical field, our country’s medical system is relatively closed, restricted by the factors such as policy.

a good doctor is not the first one is engaged in the medical and health web site, but through our efforts, already is one of the largest in China. We didn’t cut, but we soon.

the user’s medical needs from at the beginning of the good doctor started is very big. In those days, I often accompany pregnant wife to the hospital for examination, but often is at the end of the hospital only to find, looking for the doctor TingZhen, very depressed. At that time, only a small number of hospital informatization construction, and for a long time not to content updates. The user doesn’t like me in a few, we don’t know how to solve this problem, where to get a solid answer. This is one of the reasons that establish good doctor. Shortly after launch, we got the attention of a large number of users, and traffic increase rapidly.

baidu news: for veterans, do you have any advice for young people ready to venture?

Wang Hang: I encourage more young people to start , regardless of the direction, what field, but it was a difficult and tortuous long!

the entrepreneur must first have a dream, have the confidence to change the world, to understand themselves, through their own values, connections and continuous wealth, don’t because of the success of one point and stagnant.

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