Wang: can’t forget the capital “stain”

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in August 2011, tudou log on the nasdaq. Than price opening price of $25.11, $29 dropped 13.4%, tudou has issued 6 million shares American depositary receipts (ADS), raised $174 million.

when the potato account money is not much, with about $20.7 million in cash and cash equivalents, have reached the moment at stake, and sina, baidu, negotiations are deadlocked, if you don’t DaoZi melting, only really rotten potatoes in the field. Somehow the potato financing succeeded. Save a life.

wang financing after returning to drink a little wine while eating pizza for media interview, he is really care for anything external says potatoes break just emphasize “Microsoft, Google and apple, amazon, all of these great companies, no one remembers when they listed what is the first day of the stock price, up or down. They said to me, don’t stare, each quarter rich when see a line. There.”

wang talking about there, he is really don’t want to sell to youku? “Every day, all sorts of rumors, that is our quiet period, what they say will do.” This is referring to is victor koo he sent out the wind to potatoes – to IPO.

but the peer “enemies”, is just a few months later, sitting at a table. Youku, potatoes delisting!

the people who bought potato stock shock essence, this is what thing! Web analytics Xie Wenzhi scold “youku shameful record of merger is capital, a company listed a few days had to sell, fooled investors, harm the company’s employees.”

more than a year later, look back.

xie wen about right.

caused great damage to the employees: since potatoes into youku, does the number of employees leave. See the press, but flow swells. The fantasy to when I get rich in potatoes promotion employees.

fooled investors: the market value of potatoes has not risen! Has been $700 million. Tudou, valued at $710 million. Potatoes now youku’s market value is 2.762 billion, of which the potatoes (28.5%), market value of $787 million. Low price is also the cause of potato employees leave, because the option is equal to the waste paper.

but, wang were cash listed on the eve of the tens of millions of dollars, someone says he has difficulties, much to his ex-wife.

capital too “bad”, can say also too cruel, were urging wang thunder organization sell potatoes to youku, because tudou’s share price falling, falling a little every day is to cut the flesh of the vc institutions.

later in youku potato merge to follow ran wang declassified information is that “it is investors push behind, but the key is in wang and victor koo two people. If wang doesn’t sell, who also do not.”

it turns out that the final truth is wang also want to sell, then get relief.

now wang came back again, and with tens of millions of dollars, said from the emotional, founded the company to sell has a great sense of loss. Just money is profit, profit, is a “stain”, don’t mention idealism again, ok?