Wang and ma three deal: go to the telecom and the new play

the author: zi-yu Lin

to change point is in the industry of telecommunications and the Internet, the sentence “no eternal enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests.” It is good words.

at the beginning of April, the telecom chairman wang xiaochu visit to alibaba headquarters, to meet with alibaba chairman jack ma, and three cooperation intention, involving day cat, virtual operating and ali cloud OS.

after the cooperation between the two sides have since 2009, Beijing telecom cat taobao shop opening day start, this time, the channels to promote the strategic business from alibaba to telecom operators. Shortly thereafter, ma and met with the unicom chairman chang xiaobing.

stepped up efforts to “go to the telecom”

the cooperation with alibaba, wang xiaochu recommended is the strategy of “go to the telecom” step.

as early as in 2009, Beijing telecom will open the first telecom operators day cat shop, two years later, the three major operators in day cat, and among them, in the mobile business strength and channel is relatively weak in telecom, channels of the electricity suppliers are most active.

in 2012, taobao “double 11” binge, China telecom’s flagship store in mobile phone sales topped 13353, guangdong unicom ranked second flagship store selling 1916 phones, China mobile’s official flagship store sold only 366 mobile phones.

according to Tmall marcom, confirmed in the meeting, wang xiaochu in current telecom in the wake of a Tmall mall is satisfied, and said it would push the provincial branch actively develop Tmall stores, “form the competition and cooperation”. Day cat electric city channel, will be in the forthcoming 5.17 telecom, together with the telecom and other operators in the shop, the more “new style”.

the telecom to telecom “play” accelerating, is two gripper mechanism and the introduction of external forces. Through setting up business base and independent company and the way to introduce risk investment mechanism for relaxation after, in telecommunications innovation in introducing external forces.

18 April, China telecom to amazon China to launch machine sales and service contract. Cooperate with netease “wing” letter, and his own IM chat “wing” direct competition, let the market evolution. In the talks, Mr Wang and Mr Ma to discuss the cooperation in the field of cloud computing, the telecom to space on cloud computing and communication capabilities, while ali cloud services to computing and data ability as the goal, the two have certain complementarity.

in addition, the communications industry newspaper (net) that, not surprisingly, alibaba virtual operator will get the first awarded, the proxy resale of China telecom and China unicom’s mobile business. But alibaba ambition not only in the.

ali on cloud OS

after the taobao, pay treasure, ali hopes the next billion level users ecosystem is cloud OS, in order to achieve flank in the mobile Internet. Ali at the annual meeting held in mid-april, CEO Mr. Lu ali cloud OS target is put forward, and the year has 30 million active users. Therefore, ali cloud OS fixed two years ago, from a single vendor cooperation platform strategy, return to ali good ecosystem strategy.

on April 15, ali cloud OS2.0 appearance, relief and five domestic three line phone brand launched six mobile phone cloud OS, promotion plan and in accordance with ali group, ali cloud OS this year, we will cooperate with more than 30 companies, 300 kinds of smart phones.

a number of domestic brand mobile phone confirmed to the communications industry newspaper (network) have made contact with ali cloud OS, they acknowledged that the biggest attraction comes from the channels of taobao’s influence.

15 taobao cloud mobile phone channel after launch, the mobile phone base WuYun selling nearly 2000 units in the day. Two years ago, tianyu’s first ali cloud mobile small hornets also made 3 months sells the myth of 500000 units.

today, the core of the cloud OS ecosystem strategy is still cover, therefore, ali insiders revealed that the cloud OS do not rule out the possibility of own brand mobile phones.

let cloud OS phones sell better, also become focus of ma to meet with Mr. Wang. Undeniably, with only a channel advantage, ali cloud OS is difficult to move a line of mobile phone brand, and to make small cloud OS phones selling brand, borrows the annual sales of 300 million mobile phone operator subsidies is very real.

it is known that ma told Mr Wang about a very attractive measures: the user use pay treasure “credit payment”, true 0 yuan upgrade, then a month to pay treasure to pay package fee. Currently on the market “0 yuan to buy”, need certain words fee deposit and then returned by the month. Pay treasure to provide a way, no need for the user in advance any costs.

alipay last month introduced a “credit payment”, calculating the credit line to complete the payment according to the buyer’s credit and credit from 1 yuan – 5000 yuan, according to pay treasure to insiders said, meet the credit requirements about the number of buyers in 7000-80 million.

attractive though this way, but involves the risk bearing is the key. Users by pay treasure to share with the bank credit risk, but pay 购机款, especially a few months before the start of the credit, the risk would be more backlog in the operator’s side.

ali cloud OS want to be able to fully promote the plan, to recruit a large number of original from the docking operators such as MOTOROLA, zte, hisense business personnel, with operators to concrete discussion. “Discuss process is very complicated, from headquarters to the idea of local company will have a difference. The fastest can see online after a month or two.” An insider revealed ali.

fusion and the fusion

the whole, alibaba will achieve long-term rights and interests, through the cooperation and to seek in telecommunications, the Internet, in fact, in addition to taobao shop and cloud OS phone number allocation, still unable to get new profit point. This again to verify the operator after losing industry bibcock and high value of the troubles and dilemma.

even in the foreseeable future, alibaba will telecom of rapidly evolved into a terrible opponent: with virtual operating license, strong brand and channels, and perfect customer service system, and the operators how to also do not pay. If this, coupled with the operating system, control of alibaba will far exceed the heyday of the operators.

wang xiaochu in 2012 working meeting “, “one to two sanxin, is seen as the answer to the operator transformation strategy is the most concentrated. Due to congenital defects, the transformation of operators around the world all have problems. How to telecommunications, how to realize the Internet, will still be about a big test of survival.

source: communication industry network