Wal-mart electricity ambition: attaches great importance to the innovation focused on the mobile Internet

guide language: the foreign media today reported that, under the impact of the e-commerce, the traditional retail giants such as wal-mart suffered a slowdown. However, in order to cater to the market trend, wal-mart also began to focus on the development of digital business, and hope to make full use of his vast entity retail network to promote the development of electronic commerce.

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Retail network

today, if you walk into the wal-mart, will see the familiar corridors, familiar with the customer service representative, familiar line up the crowd. Will you still choose good as usual after the goods to the cashier checkout. But in the future, wal-mart is want to completely change the existing model.

in the network shopping is booming today, the transnational retail giant is to readjust its e-commerce strategy, hoping to expand the shrinking of users. Although wal-mart in the past 18 months has only just begun to develop e-commerce business, but the company hopes to entities with large retail network leverage digital projects.

this is wishful thinking, about two-thirds of americans are living in the wal-mart supermarket 5 miles (8 km) radius. “In addition to wal-mart, there is no a company has to cover all of the consumer’s 4000 retail stores.” Wal-mart’s global e-commerce company President and CEO Neil far (Neil Ashe) to attend the press conference on Tuesday.

however, with the rise of e-commerce, has extensive network, just isn’t good enough. E-commerce companies like amazon and eBay have seized the retail market share, while wal-mart and other old brand retail giant watch traditional stores growth is slowing. Wal-mart us company CEO Bill Simon (Bill Simon) in February, said on a conference call, an analyst at as of April 16 weeks, the company’s same-store sales in the United States is likely to be flat year-on-year.

entrepreneurial atmosphere

wal-mart global e-commerce company was set up in response to this trend. This belongs to the wal-mart company has 1500 employees, is headquartered in SAN Bruno, California, adjacent to the silicon valley, and YouTube offices on the other side of the street.

wal-mart in recent years the most attention in the field of digital project originate from this, the reason is that the company product development and execution of the silicon valley style atmosphere, let numerous small team planning and implementation of product ideas, from which improved the speed. They occasionally like other startups held a “hacker”, powerful and unconstrained style allows engineers to play to their creativity, and then put into practice. The company search and classification, vice President of Sri, Sue branagh mia (Sri Subranamiam) said that they will continue to expand A/B testing, and launch new features every week.

“we boasts the world’s largest start-up for a reason. We do things like that.” Wal-mart’s global e-commerce company CTO Jeremy gold (Jeremy King) said.

Vertical integration

you might have noticed that wal-mart a lot of experiments are focused on in the field of digital mobile market. (considering wal-mart users in the United States more than half have a smartphone, it might be a good idea.) A program called “Scan & amp; Go “functionality has been implemented step by step in more than 200 wal-mart stores, and is expanding the scope of the test.

by this feature, users can supermarket, use their phones to scan your prepared to buy commodity bar code. System will automatically calculate the total order, then generate a unified barcode. As a result, having to scan all the goods, only need to the cashier scans the bar code, and then pay the corresponding cost, thus greatly save the time waiting in line.

the company recently also plans to upgrade mobile applications, allowing users at the inside before shopping list, or to use coupons for point of sale in the application, and even through the electronic receipt and wal-mart account management functions of the website to track users monthly shopping budget.

this is a digital model of vertical integration. If wal-mart can track master planning from shopping to contrast, to the point of sale and the final budget management and so on each link, thus to targeted adjustment of stores, can more effectively prevent loss of customers in a shopping link to the target, eBay and amazon.

hedge risk

but wal-mart did not put all your eggs in one basket in digital domain. In order to hedge risk, they are still in the attempt to large Numbers of new project, then the optimal deployment of promising project. Wal-mart company senior vice President of innovation, for example, jay, Michael aris, (Jeff McAllister) announced that the company will soon be able to test the store goods storage tank delivery services, similar to the amazon, UPS and Google just buy BufferBox company is testing project, such as user can purchase goods in wal-mart stores, then travelled to wal-mart stores, from storage space to take out the goods.

another is social reform of competitive field. Wal-mart has yet to be fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, but allows the user to wal-mart’s Facebook use “like” button on the main page, or on Twitter about their goods. However, if the company allows the user to use Facebook or Twitter account associated with wal-mart’s account, it will achieve better shopping recommendations, and understand the user interested in. Wal-mart has not been disclosed plans, but from the point of signs, the company is considering a similar pattern.

“the future is personalized. Now there are many ways for not registered users with personalized service, but we will also introduce more and more personalized measures in the future.” Wal-mart vice President of global product bin in Galveston bryce (Ben Galbraith) said.

execution problems

of course, while wal-mart’s tone is very big, but facts speak louder than words. Although the number of the last two years the company project progress is good, but after he suffered a lot of execution problems. Besides, due to its headquarters to silicon valley office is too far away, also produced a lot of problems. Wal-mart also used for e-commerce business announced ambitious plan, but failed to get a lot of persuasive in return.

“they said is right, but the key problem is that the actual effect. Their competitiveness in the field of digital would not be enough to challenge amazon and other companies.” The us market research firm Forrester analyst Sue Charlie tal MuErPu lu (Sucharita Mulpuru) said.

however, the company still insists that its digital strategy is still in its infancy, there are a lot of similar projects to startup, ultimately they are likely to become a major business.

“there are some things seem crazy, in fact, a lot of sense.” Amazon mobile and digital service, senior vice President of gibb Thomas (Gibu Thomas) said.


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