Wait and see! Baidu guard is coming!

the author: he feng

mobile security, pattern available, baidu is plotting. Previously, mobile phone assistant is considered baidu in the history of mobile security layout. However, the judge is deviation. In fact, baidu and layout. Last year out of gold to buy android optimized master, after the “closed” redesign, is turning into a phone guard, will be baidu defense 360 mobile phones guard and tencent housekeeper at the core.

The great value of the


last year, sohu IT first reported the dim sum has been baidu to buy IT. At that time, sohu IT points out that the android optimized master is dim sum of all the products, the most baidu value an acquisition of assets. Now, a series of actions, from baidu and snacks are also prove it.

? Snacks back. On April 2nd, maintain independence of dim sum in the original incubator innovation works, hold conference, launched the android optimization master version 3.0. Dim sum CEO zhang said that the version is “bowed out”. “In the wild west lake retreat developed in two months. In fact, it is also a snack first open of the activities after m&a. According to the insiders, snacks have OS assets for sale, and tools products development are what zhang lei likes.

? Baidu first integration. On March 7, baidu renamed application center for mobile assistant. It is important to note that the new system has the function of optimization, the binding of android optimization of the master. This is the first product of baidu integration after acquisition of dim sum. And the practice, is integrated and “diversion”.

version 3.0 is not just a change in the UI, some has played out in the official “subversion” new product function, also showed the android master optimization has been upgraded to a dim sum distribution channel, is the most rely on products.

snack inside there are three product lines: the first is the tool for product line, with android optimized master, snacks such as save electricity. The second is the content product line, represented by desktop snacks. Article 3 is defined as a snack inside hatch of small products.

in version 3.0, toolbox functions and system optimization, application management pay equal attention to, and the toolbox, dial-up snacks, snacks, snack desktop alarm clock, and a few small impressively in the column of App form small products. In the system optimization, power saving function binding is dim sum province electricity application. In dim sum announced the cumulative million active users, the android optimized master is accounted for at least half. There is no doubt that as more tools at the bottom of the system, the android optimized big division has been playing the biggest heart products distribution channels for the role. Android optimized master also is dim sum out of focus. In January of this year, snacks have also started to enter the overseas, the first trial is dim sum. “Two months to more than 250 downloads.” Zhang to sohu IT revealed that the android optimized master in the second half will be on overseas.

however, these actions is more like snack teams “own”.

baidu need defense

for big club baidu and tencent, 360 in mobile Internet channel under the background of comprehensive competition, master android to optimize the primary role of apparently won’t be liquidated, even not distribution channel, but there will be a new role.

in jinshan, more is baidu in PC security checks and balances, 360 strategic asset. And for mobile security pattern has not yet been settled, compared to 360, the advantages of and ma determination, baidu’s defensive action most slowly.

baidu mobile assistant introducing third-party company security engine, has been interpreted as baidu media sniper 360 on mobile security, but the idea was too general. Baidu mobile assistant challenging opponent is 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone assistant, etc., application download distribution is the first demand, safety inspection is an auxiliary function.

but count on their research and development of mobile security products already too late, the product positioning adjustment than to buy. Android optimized master is a wave of baidu’s shopping list, the most likely one, also very need to make changes.

2010 master has launched the android optimization, the existing positioning is inappropriate. Two reasons:

is a smart phone performance is improved. Quad-core mobile phones has began to spread. In contrast, the main performance optimization, the optimization of accelerated master this kind of product, speed will be more publicity stunt. “It belongs to a transitional product, like Windows optimization master.” A ROM developers say.

2 it is has become a standard of mobile security products. 360 mobile phones guard, tencent housekeeper are meet the requirements of speed and performance improvement. This will continue to erode optimization master this kind of product.

a independent optimization of the master product, loss of first-mover advantage in technology, changes must be made, otherwise the space will be compressed.

actually is the guard

comparison optimization master android version 3.0 and 360 mobile guards, the difference is only basic in the mobile antivirus this feature. In the eyes of new users, optimization master android version 3.0 May have not master “optimization”, but rather akin to guard the phone, despite the name didn’t change.


version 3.0 adds a lot of guard function, such as advertising report inspection, privacy, malicious number, harassment interception; To strengthen the application of management functions, such as application, long-term need not remove preset, unofficial applications and breakage of application. With 360 mobile phones guardians of check-up sex ratio, android optimized master master “detection”, it is limited to the above aspects, does not address detection loophole, killing the virus.

“I’m often asked security do you want to do?” Zhang lei in the conference mentioned in mobile phone security features. “Virus is very few, Trojan haven’t mass. We don’t want to.” He gives a negative answer, but the comments also pushed to antivirus for mobile security product labels in an awkward position.

in fact, the antivirus is mobile security products “pseudo scalar match” function, is not a main function, but is the much-hyped interception function, physical cleaning function. Zhou Hongyi on “day day up” harassment telephone interception function is demonstrated.

however, zhang lei will master android optimization to guardian mode, whether baidu decision, or their own will, still remains to be seen. The next step will be no change name, mobile phone security will struggle, also remains to be seen.

source: sohu it