Virtual currency inventory: from the currency to amazon Coins

guide language: according to U.S. media today, virtual currency is more and more popular, and will abide by the laws and regulations has become a virtual currency financial sector need to solve a major problem. Some of the most popular American media inventory on the virtual currency.

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in the near future, the currency has been accepted by some online merchants and traditional retailers. Because of the currency, virtual currency is becoming a hot topic. However, the currencies has been the attention of the justice department. After failing to meet the financial laws and regulations, and involvement in illegal financial activities, some virtual currency company is facing a great controversy.

on Monday, the U.S. federal prosecutors to 7 suspects have filed a lawsuit, said the suspects involved in the virtual currency service Liberty in Exchange for illegal activities. Justice department officials even said that Liberty Exchange is a dedicated to helping credit card fraud, identity theft, investment fraud and other illegal activities of services.

this week, the world’s largest currency exchange MT. Bigger said, because the U.S. regulators on the currency is more and more attention, so will take measures to strengthen the users of deposited in the extraction of traditional currency for identification. Gox located in Tokyo, with 80% of the world’s currency trading at the moment. Starting Thursday, MT. Bigger all user accounts need for authentication, in cash deposited in the extraction of permission.

the following is a recent concern of some virtual currency:


since 2009, the currency has become one of the most famous virtual currency. This virtual currency by a pseudonym for this cookie “in the” individual or organization development (whose identity has been unknown), mainly used by the online merchants. But in recent years, some small entity merchants began to accept the currency to pay. Through the complexity of algorithm and a large amount of computing resources, the user can through the way of the “dig” to get the COINS, of course, can also be used in exchange or similar BitInstagnt and Coinbase service to buy the currency. Recoverable amount of the currency is about 21 million, and the current production has more than 11 million. The currency has caused Western Union, PayPal and are the company’s attention. Reports that these services are evaluating whether to allow users to use COINS in their respective platforms.


Litecoin based on currency agreement, but support faster transaction confirmation. Recoverable within this system Litecoin a total of 84 million, so far, the production of about 20%. According to the virtual currency inventor Charles Lee (Charles Lee), the current circulation Litecoin worth about $50 million. , he said, do not know of any entity merchants accept Litecoin pay, but some of the host service providers have to accept the virtual currency.


like Litecoin, Freicoin based on same currency agreement, but it is still at an early development. According to one of the virtual currency inventor Mark Foley deng Bach (Mark Friedenbach), the system can be mined Freicoin total about 100 million, the current production of about 20%. The current number of concurrent users Freicoin network is about 100. At present only a few small online merchants accept Freicoin, and the virtual currency of the inventor is trying to a wider range of promotion.


Ripple is not only a payment network, is also a kind of virtual currency. Ripple protocol is silicon valley company OpenCoin developers. The company says its goal is to get as many users use the Ripple. Population is about 100 billion has now been mined Ripple, most of them are in the hands of OpenCoin. The company’s co-founder and CEO Chris larson (Chris Larsen), said OpenCoin will grant every user 2000 to about 40000 users a Ripple, and plan in the next few years about 50 billion Ripple out. At present, the consumer can be registered through for Ripple purse, and use the third party service Bitstamp account remittance from the bank, to use the Ripple wallet.

Amazon Coins

the amazon is a handful of independent development of virtual currency big technology companies. In most cases, these companies of virtual currency can only be used on their website. Amazon in amazon Coins service, just launched in May at present can be used for the Kindle Fire platform, as well as the application stores and website to buy the game, and other digital content. One dollar to buy 100 Coins, amazon and buy in large quantities will get a discount, for example 1000 Coins amazon sells for $9.5. (d)