Violent marketing network backup, your face is veiled

in the past few years, with the company as the leading representative of the cloud storage products are spreading rapidly, a short time, become a new member of the Internet product, refresh the computer storage way in the new era. Later, with the development of mobile Internet, the concept of cloud storage gradually penetrated into each user, concept and definition of the cloud storage has become the trend of The Times.

domestic baidu cloud, cloud disk 360, jinshan fast plate, such as huawei cloud cloud storage products are according to this trend, with the era demand courageously to was born. The birth of these dynamic cloud storage even in product design and function extension are optimized and strengthening, but essentially they all can not change it is Dropbox shanzhai properties in China.

because during the course of their development, they are invariably inherited the merits of Dropbox, added a heap of violence against Chinese users and set up the service, the service is not for consumer demand, but for the needs of their own. I am here for them by force put on his hat, hope they go in the coming days in secure, solid line.

why domestic cloud storage products are violence services?

as a still calculate veteran Internet users from the use of time, I have almost finished watching helplessly personal cloud storage products from conception to the whole process of the current prosperous situation. In the process of my personal using observation over the years, I found that the average user demand for cloud storage products actually very simple, that is “speed” and “stability”. But today, we don’t have a local cloud storage products on these two issues are the perfect answer, they have given only unilaterally expand some capacity for you, and then on weibo shouted desperately, or words vitriolic despised rivals, as if the opponent is poor prick silk and oneself already Grosvenor LTD is handsome.

I do not deny that a network backup capacity is also a lot of ordinary users, the basic demand for cloud storage products, but stable in quality assurance and service aspect, this is what the public needs. A cannot share only as synchronous tray and service very unstable network location, if you give me 1000 TB of capacity and what’s the point?

but our domestic cloud storage service provider is not think so, they just give you to add capacity, assiduously and then continue to continue on weibo and yelled and mocking rival (the characteristics of Chinese Internet companies). Their mind is like this: I will give you expand the capacity, I am the best possible service, because the capacity of the other party not me, so I have the qualifications tsundere and laugh at each other for the poor as Grosvenor LTD handsome prick silk. Here, I want to say is, capacity and not every user demand, but the brand is quality and reliable products every ordinary user demand service, but don’t always see these local cloud storage products.

no matter do you have any needs, they always generously give you increase capacity, but is lack of service and brand trust to you, they always didn’t see it. Reminds me of a joke on weibo, you gave me an apple, ask me why not moved, and then you run to the said you are very great in the world is very great, I am very cold, but I like bananas TMD only your sister.

shuffling: one will work million bones grow spring water

although cloud storage products in the domestic development also has a few years time, but in the past has been tepid state, without a clear business model and revenue guarantee under the premise of these subtle soil boss is not willing to make the head of a bird, but promote the cloud storage products in the capacity to the cause of the war, but only a seemingly inconsequential little farce.

Anecdotal version

what I learned, is reportedly 115 network backup and a quick hotel a “key to send capacity” activity, which is 115 users with account to reserve the hotel room, can obtain the corresponding amount of storage space, suddenly the key send capacity activity is spread across great river north and south, and was just financing N tens of millions of dollars of jinshan fast disk know, so we take the lead in put out 100 gb of free space. Story here, I thought that only 115 network backup and jinshan fast by a war, but surprisingly, the 360 cloud play soy sauce dish also conveniently launched 360 gb space inexplicably later (up to 1026 gb). Then the end of the story is baidu network backup this originally didn’t even soy sauce is a passer-by, in baidu world conference came up with the 1 dollar to buy 1 TB space service… More next dog blood plot, is don’t know where from huawei network backup roll out unlimited capacity of permanent free space.

see here, you should also see, the reason of the expansion and the network location is not in order to user needs, but to fight.

and the purpose of these cloud storage products to fight, nature is to want to kill all other competitors, and keep the market eventually have to survive, this happened before and the video website of shuffling, group-buying shuffling thinking. In each other can’t feel at ease ground to make money, to get market monopoly exclusive competition, let oneself live kill opponents, is the most striking features of China’s Internet business competition, also faces the most significant of the Chinese Internet merchants.

in fact, the competition in the process of cloud storage vendor, and the rest of the bones of the king, can from beginning to end to provide users with better service. Even with the new profit model to explore, but they are still too lazy to exploit. Inertial thinking is to make each other die left their alive, even if they know the benign competition is the best way, but they still use only exclusive law of vicious competition.

don’t FIG leaf, we want real cloud storage

1, unless the firm is unable to support, or speak any words all can’t go back on our word, will promise practice to the end, the humanistic spirit really to carry out to the end. In this world there is a “lifetime free of charge” but a few years time the facial expression of the whole yahoo mail is enough, don’t follow yahoo’s cloud storage service providers, users can’t afford to injury.

2, will really affect the details of the experience. Speed, links, use and so on the details of the perfect, will let you from the bottom of my heart is full of gratitude, public praise of users rely on products, is the intangible value. A network backup capacity again big, upload download speed of a snail, file link is always failure, the download file to point a pile of advertising, and so on, will only let users stay at a respectful distance from sb.

3, real respect for the rights of consumers. A regular user account password, file security, privacy, and so on, have not you want to, don’t cross the hit a moral bottom line of moral integrity, and the user and the market will take back your strong support. Cloud storage in protecting users’ privacy and security information, more extraordinary responsibility.

4, balance. Whether charge or free, hope you can balance the balance of interests, mostly in order to make users pay and intentionally set product castration, really isn’t a good marketing law, provide high quality service for ordinary users, for paying customers to provide quality service beyond imagination, such a state of mind to do things, users will thank you for a lifetime.

the antivirus industry manufacturers in the commitment to safety, have the user if the installation of their products online still cheated, security vendors offer certain compensation, although this way is more like a kind of spirit, but its effect is a regular user of consideration for the vendor’s heart. And in the field of cloud storage, is there any vendor pay for their own “commitments”? Such as lifelong free to say now but in a few years are dishonest?

real marketing: influence of your product

Dropbox current initial capacity is 2 gb, but no one denies the value of it; You have 1 TB even infinite capacity, but each has admitted that the meaning of you. (Zhu Yi)

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