Vintage IE6 still accounts for nearly a quarter of China’s PC market

Beijing time on April 10, Microsoft has launched 10 IE browser, ten years ago from Internet explorer 6 has been updated several generations of products, but the global and a local IE6 utilization rate is still quite high, that is China, China with 25.8% of the market in the world the highest utilization rate, vintage IE6 browser still accounts for nearly a quarter of China’s PC market.

according to market-research firm Net Applications statistics, March 6 at the utilization rate is low to the parts unit digit or lower percentage, but China leads the world, with 25.8% of the high rate creates another first.

.net Applications, IE 6 global average utilization rate is 6.7%, most areas have left single-digit percentage, Sweden, Switzerland, including Chile, Denmark, Finland and other countries are only 0.1%, China’s Taiwan at present there are still 2% utilization rate, the ratio of 2.1% in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, China, each with 1.4%.

analysts point out that there are two major factors causing IE 6 rate is still high, the first is the Microsoft system required by Windows Update to the system Update, although IE is not paid software, if the users use the pirated software, download the Update software will have a problem, the system will also constantly reminds the user operating system is probably pirated software, to be further confirmed. The second factor is Taiwan, China, Japan and Hong Kong, China in the field of financial sector is relatively developed, the financial sector is the system is stable and does not need to pursue the latest update, so the evaluation system is the old system still had plenty.

analysts pointed out that further, IE 6 is tied together with the operating system, even if a problem cannot be updated, because the browser choice, users may not use the IE, so the user can choose not to update.

translation: sohu IT