Vine exceeded 40 million registered users, and a short video sharing war is far from over

Vine announced today that its registered users have already broke through 40 million. In June of this year compared with 13 million, the growth rate, absolute can let its parent company Twitter and some analysts get carried away. However, behind the big Numbers, hidden some other things.

first, Vine was launched in early June the Android applications, thus the 40 million registered users of the data, in part due to the log in the largest smartphone system platform.

second, registered users is not equal to active users. 40 million Numbers are huge, but there are many users is the Vine are used every day to log in?

third, competitors’ development faster in the Vine. In them release on the day of the short video sharing function, and the Vine on Twitter share fell by 1 million. And according to market research company, at present sets a number of information sharing to Twitter is 6 times of the Vine. Of course it is important to note that sets on both can share pictures, and can share video, which were not released official pictures – the proportion of the video.

although 40 million data for Vine, is a landmark of good news, but about the battle for supremacy in the field of video sharing, are far from over.