View: free flow strategy is good But futile WeChat


29, taobao’s official weibo news, confirmed that taobao and will work with operators, service for eligible users free flow. Similarly, at the same time and the news spread dynamic and other industries: 1, easecredit announced users exceed 30 million day active users (28%); 2, WeChat launch public services account fee.

the three messages at the same time, and are related to mobile IM, especially two of the content of the product involved are free flow, the coincidence in the industry can’t say for the first, but at least is the coincidence of coincidence. For the entire mobile IM communication market, this situation also fully shows that the current mobile IM is no longer a white-hot competition, but have reached the point where they declare war against each other.

in this few messages, I note that before we launched the assassin’s mace is free flow, and the sniper is free flow forms, coming and going through the free flow of sniper micro letter, seems to have is easy and friendly intercourse happen to coincide choice way of strategy. However, in view of the two rivals are launching from free flow against WeChat, WeChat surprising is to launch a service charge.

micro letter crazy?

can’t say WeChat specially launch a service charge in this day is a contempt for the other two products, but in terms of market confidence, WeChat is obviously a great deal of confidence and timid, is not as easy and advantage of free flow moves to increase pressure, especially when formally opened to the promotion and operation, ma has repeatedly challenge from a distance WeChat, but did not post a word WeChat response to compete with each other. Perhaps, WeChat team to challenge and letter, didn’t even when the same thing.

on the other hand, easy and free flow of competition between the main way, no matter in terms of strategy or user’s real demand, is a good way of playing pain points (micro letter communication flow can not free). But this strategy, despite the overall look good, but I still don’t agree with this small profit to seduce the user moves, for micro letter today, the development of power and success factors clearly no longer subject to the limit of the traffic cost. Because for WeChat, its own response to market challenges and skills, including product experience and social network advantages, also has the position of WeChat.

although micro letter has the advantage of import of QQ users, but also the micro letter also belongs to its own unique features and advantages, one of the most special social and public platform is when the number of pictures.

micro letter to construct social communication mode, the basic level, micro letter have been implemented to voice social combination of words and images, combined with social images, to understand basic words and images at the same time to give an industry unrivalled platform for the public, has been completely the other competitors to eliminate on micro letter to another world. And we are in retrospect and going back and forth, the product features and attributes are basic communication, micro letter with images of the social and public account, easy and do so.

the product use innate advantage to build forts, has made users demand side like a duck to water in a social network, especially in the case of cemented the social relationship between users, few users are willing to replace mobile IM and return the result of social network interruption or broken. Although there are countless people ridicule micro letter circle of friends and the public account, but had to admit that this is indeed a micro letter two killer, and therefore easy to associate letters and don’t want with free flow defeat micro letter, first should understand the importance of the free flow and micro letter to construct social importance, which one is more important to the user.

what’s more, according to the current communication cost, easy and offers free flow to the user, cost is not big, not to let the user changes the social relations of this flow. Joint products + the advantage of social relations, therefore, WeChat now, not only can smile to live, but also can fully charge function was introduced in contrarian environment, allow yourself to get better. This is WeChat bottom spirit and confidence, and I personally think that easy and friendly intercourse with free flow can shake WeChat main reason.

about this, one of my friends said that even WeChat can completely getting rid of the circle of friends and the public platform, and independent operation.

however, easy and friendly intercourse with free flow way though unable to shake the micro letter, but this strategy is a place, also is not all about strongly on the market and win a certain amount of word of mouth, easy to associate and cast this style also can have certain significance. Moreover, easy letters and launch a service for free flow, for WeChat supervision and promote product quality improvement, also have good fair competition in the industry.

overall, easy letters and the strategy of using free flow while good, also can bring certain positive role to the industry, but this strategy for WeChat cannot yet deadly impact. But, for the market monopoly and competition of product innovation, easy letters and correspondence of this way is worth encouraging, because only related to the product quality and service competition, to make the industry the development level of the whole into a new stage, ultimately benefit, is the user. (Zhu Yi/article, micro letter public account: zhuyiweixin)