Video website summer variety war “to attack alone alone”

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one day chatting with a classmate of radio, film and television, when it comes to TV’s competition, he mentioned a word: kill a lot. The competition between TV before I had understanding in all kinds of news, but never so fierce as it is today. This year summer, video website variety of war into the white-hot stage, ever 13 archives major music talent show revolt, a nationwide “variety” now start a prairie fire. If MAO members see competition now, another “the fire of the star, across the country may be born.

among them, zhejiang TV joint sohu video “Chinese good voice” and “happy male voice” on Friday at the same time period of a frontal battles, stick to “the sound of the Chinese dream” that Sunday will be continued until the end of August. In addition, after many years not to join the Beijing TV talent war also joint tencent video launched “the most beautiful and harmony”, and shandong TV, hubei TV, etc are involved in the variety. Summer variety war in a stalemate, sarft buttock get fire is finally sit again, a paper “limit to” cut off multiple music talent show, even the CCTV “star dream partner also failed to escape.

southeast coast of a second-tier TV variety shows are still occupy most of the audience share. Although baidu index in the last year, “Chinese good voice” online attention down more than half, but CCTV CSM ratings, according to “Chinese good voice” premiered on July 12, but also still reached 3.62% of the ratings, and positive against the sound of the Chinese dream, happy boys also points to 1.71%, and 1.28% of viewers. The other a new show “the most beautiful harmony” premiere, Beijing local ratings of 3.66%, 33 cities nationwide rating was 1.13%, the national audience share of 4.3%. This beautiful data also make the show a new one of the biggest dark horse in the program.

variety shows viewers the war, not only reflect on TV, in fact has also spread to the video website.

the fact is that television ratings are being redefined.

more screen to the coming of the era, the current television began on a large scale by means of video on demand in computers, cell phones and tablet terminals, such as the ratings of statistical standards have changed.

is a typical example, the United States established the ratings firm Nielsen was the end of last year with Twitter, on a new television industry index, index evaluation online topic as one of the important data for calculating ratings.

in changes in the way TV programs to watch, more and more young audience gradually formed the brush weibo while the habit of watching TV live broadcast, TV as a means, the network share would become a purpose. By comparing the variety show weibo index and ratings found that weibo the real-time discussion of heat with television ratings will be higher than relationships.

in fact, the social network heat has indeed become the “barometer” TV ratings. “the most beautiful and harmony”, for example, in the premiere of 1.13% ratings peak, on the day of the show the microblogging hot degrees highest reached $156000, at the same time also on the list of “hot topics” second, become weibo fastest rising hot words. CCTV CSM, according to data from the love in the joint of henan TV’s “Chinese hero” ratings although only about 0.6% on average, but the baidu index rose to more than 45000, and even less to catch up with limelight sheng “is the most beautiful harmony”.

video website from social network recently, apparently to mobilize the activity of social networks. With one of simple Numbers reveals the fact that in 2.0 era of variety show, who owns the notion of social network, who will have the final rating of influence.

I observed, 13 national archives major music talent show has been in the online video website, almost all network linkage has become routine standard variety competition video site. Tencent video, love, art, music networks respectively, and the happy boys cooperation set up video zones, and other such as “the sound of the Chinese dream” and “I of China star” and so on ace variety show almost also can be in one domestic mainstream video watching on the website.

on the other hand, this year’s competition in the variety show programs will also feel more pressure, “Chinese good voice” program producers star CEO Tian Ming said publicly, video website simply replay already cannot satisfy the requirement of a good voice, good voice hope with the cooperation of the Internet have greater innovation and depth of fusion.

remember the variety of wars in the previous years and some video website in sing a supporting role, also didn’t how much climate. The video website of variety show is a “people I have” situation. This time, the platform force is a major competitive video variety war.

this is going to video website, while part of the power level variety show “concentrate superior forces”. Under the aforementioned sohu video line got the good voice of the People’s Republic of China, love in the cooperation through the original programs and TV, the output window shows the Chinese hero, while tencent video phase was “the most beautiful harmony” dark horse Beijing TV program. Variety show a wide range of wading video website run, it become a video website cooperation with variety show this year a new phenomenon.

network run mode is the concentration of variety show competition this year to upgrade performance.

run in the benefits of no more than two: first, the focusing window to maximize the variety show marketing value, variety show on multi-platform video website can play a greater potential to second, helps to form a community of interests, help promote Taiwan, content, sponsor of the tripartite win-win.

at this point, the platform is not the most important decisive force, on the contrary, fully tap run content resources advantage have become the most important challenges facing video site. For now, integration become the central idea of each video site.

run test video website comprehensive capacity. Sohu video after the win good voice of the People’s Republic of China copyright, zhang under foot irreparably, derived a 5-speed homemade program, with the aid of network linkage, keeps good voice, it seems good to effect; While iQIYI “Chinese hero” belongs to the network linkage of original programming, with the help of derivative of APP games to promote awareness of ascension, also got good viewing grades. For the most beautiful harmony, tencent video game is using tencent video multi-platform linkage advantage, forming vertical linkage promotion platform, by focusing on the transmission of core resources, to enlarge the variety show to watch, set off the popular variety show.

under the background of interaction between multiple screen, video web site with the aid of platform advantages, through the social platform to operate more effectively, has been able to fully affect the TV ratings, and become a large variety of key battleground. in the fast changing of the pattern of the video industry, seize the high quality content and social networking platform at the same time, it is perhaps the two magic weapon of winning in the future.

PS: summarize several run in variety shows video website:

sohu video looks make PE, cunning craftiness, follow a mature project “Chinese good voice”, will vote in 100 million; Love’s art is more like an entrepreneur, helpless pain but painfully made the original programming, a new variety of motivator. Tencent video VC typically do, favourite dark horse, an eye to phase the most dark horse “the most beautiful and harmony”, to the moment, effect is good.