Video after weibo first Sina thoroughly ali?

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ali and sina is increasingly close relationship.

a news blackout, alibaba is planning to invest in sina video, a shareholder may be higher than 18%, and high-level negotiations have substantial progress. Add before ali in sina weibo, ali has the reach and sina, two core business.

can bold speculation, ali to gobble up step by step sina?

after taking a stake in sina weibo, alibaba has promised in addition to the $586 million purchase of a 18% stake, will also bring about in the next three years to sina weibo marketing and socialized e-commerce revenue of $380 million. Results show that in 2012, sina had $412.9 million in advertising revenue for the whole year, in accordance with the advertising ali brought $130 million per year on average, there will be 30% of sina advertising revenue from ali, so the name of “father” ali was really up to its name.

in fact, more and more advertisers will budget to video web sites. Iresearch in the second quarter of this year, according to data from the network advertising video advertising share is still in the growth in online advertising, in the second quarter reached 6.7%, and the brand of graphic advertising accounted continues to tighten, decreased from 36% in 2011 to 21% in the second quarter of this year. Portal advertising growth, weibo commercial struggle, plus portal with weibo advertising, media advertising for a living sina, will certainly to sina as must with emphasis in the future.

but video is no longer a good sincerely to do business, the market has been formed youku potatoes, love art, video of tencent and sohu video pattern, and competition heats up, the new incoming opportunity has not. Sina video before no hematopoietic capacity must be ali blood transfusion.

when the big to put into the sitting room, the sitting room of ali strategy will give sina video for how long?

of course, ali also need big traffic users to import for the CPS sales, but for now, sina video guide value seems to be little. But on the advertising of sina’s overall in ecology, ali’s blood transfusion will have an effect on it. For a media platform, advertising revenue diversification is the way, and sina if long-term mainly depends on the advertisers, ali is definitely not a healthy state. And how to balance the alibaba’s relationship with other big advertisers, and sina to headache in the future.

out weibo first, in video, sina did pay the sincerity, of course, for ali’s money. Sina so’ll reluctantly will pass to the ali, and ali bought not only now, sina’d like to buy more in the future, sina realized for sina arranged completely.

in fact, after the founding team has left equity dispersion of sina is similar to the “orphan”. Ma (weibo) has said that the enterprise as a son. For many a generation, the affection to the company and professional managers are completely different. MBO do let some professional managers team ownership feeling, but after all, not a substitute for natural son and dad relationship, is not their own child of that kind of feeling. Yang will resist the temptation to Microsoft’s $46 billion insist not to sell yahoo, and Charles chao, would it?

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source: tencent technology