“Victory”, cloud depth, hunting 】 【 tide, nintendo why just don’t do mobile games?

in recent 10 years, Nintendo was having a difficult time (Nintendo). Imagine that it had launched the DS and Wii raged, is to let the fans feel sorry. Even the Wii U launch new product, also can’t save the declining trend of the company development, and the product since released 6 months has been very poor. Following the first loss since 2012, nintendo recently released the second annual operating loss report.

senior industry analyst Michael palmer cut (Michael Pachter) pointed out: “smartphones and tablets are eating into traditional console market further, if this is an irreversible trend, why can’t the nintendo learn to change yourself? For example, let Mario appear on the phone.”

heaven really should look for their own reasons. As palmer puts it, “flies” in the traditional console market reality, why shouldn’t the nintendo “arrogant” understand low head, to study learning like everyone else? After all, the super Mary “run in” smart phone, for the company and it is not difficult to do a finish. However, as long as Tian Congri (nintendo incumbent President) to power a day, this change will be difficult to do.

“don’t I say” to “smartphone game, without these devices, nintendo still live a good, isn’t it? !”

E3 conference this week, Tian Congri said in an interview with the Wall Street journal: “for the development of nintendo, can’t see it 1, 2 years, light must be comprehensive consideration its change trend in the 10 years, 20 years. There’s no point in excessive attention to short-term interests. Some people suggested that I put on the smartphone platform game development, don’t have the equipment, nintendo is not so hot world?”

Tian Ri chung is pleased that, he succeeded in turning nintendo brought out from the trough in 2000. From his mountain pu (when the President of the Nintendo company 52 years, is famous for its strict, is the company’s most prominent and most important) inherited the “feudal patriarchal” enterprise, and launched shocked the entire gaming industry in the two games, Nintendo DS and Wii.

nintendo is very persistent, persistent a bit close to the extreme, it has never been for themselves produce hardware development of the game. Nintendo 64 “lever” and “super Mary wind 64” was popular the world ten years, then the DS touch screen and the Wii motion sensor once again the world’s crazy gamers position, while the corresponding Nintendogs, Brain Age, Wii Sports games such as quickly capture the market. Especially TV Wii remote control, but also attracted a lot of curiosity.

once a faithful fans of Wii and DS, now has become a smart phone and tablet computer game players. The advent of the era of mobile, make the traditional console – the Wii U’s market rout. The scenery is no longer the traditional console, people need is similar to the style of gaming devices.

to mobile gaming transformation does not mean that will sell “hand”. Tian Ri chung said in an interview: “I know, now the game on the market, there are a lot of companies do, unlike nintendo, and the development of the good. Maybe in short-term arbitrage ways, I am not a good leader, but if to examine long-term interests from the company that I absolutely is a qualified manager.”

“if only short-term stock price will rise, that I’m really not a good leader”

however, nintendo with some can be comparable to the form of a rogue law enforcers franchise, to be able to eke out a company’s cash cow’s milk. Even many years ago a mediocre GameCube, can because super Mary (Mario), the legend of Zelda (Zelda) and pocket games (Pokemon games) wait for a “privilege” and make a profit. The Xbox, by contrast, are not so lucky, in those days in order to promote the product, Microsoft has spent 4 billion dollars.

“fairly” Wii U want to continue “predecessors” brilliance, but it is far from what it expected. Although the nintendo ds is not popular, but with such as Mary Kart 8 (Mario Kart 8) and Super Mario 3 d World (such as Super Mario 3 d World) games, it can still barely as the following, and always timely boost the market performance of the game equipment such as the Wii U.

Tian Ri chung said: “the game equipment is a byproduct of the game, because people tend to be a fun game and choose the corresponding game consoles. Due to New Mario bros. (New Super Mario Bros) release, the first month the Wii U also have a good market. The next six months, nintendo will also release a new game, then the sales of the Wii U will be too good to be expected.”

Tian Ri our hope nintendo can turn a profit this year, operating profit of $1.04 billion. However, even if the company can really reach the goal, not because what the Wii U or exclusive of the game, that want to “to” Tian Ri astute and others for nintendo’s core brand greedily abuse. The company’s new 3 ds, forest animals (Animal Crossing) and Super Mario bros. (Super Mario Bros) such as the game is the best proof of this kind of “shameless” stupid behavior.

you might think the nintendo can easily hand swim field “testing the waters”, but you don’t expect it to fully comply with the trend of change. This 100 years of “giant” Kyoto has a very strong group of fans. No matter whether the Wii U can challenge the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not important, because of nintendo’s development philosophy is more like a high-quality goods game company, rather than an international consumer electronics company. As long as its fans also recognize the nintendo brand, it was able to survive, “” less does not need to the iPhone and other mobile terminals” transformation “.