Vertical electrical contractor origin theory, two kinds of electricity, the boss of different road


the author: Wang Cai minister

the truth. which transversely, high and low in different distances. If several vertical type of electricity as the main line, from the point of view of founder from vertical electric business merger failures in China, will be how?

look at the two: crucco, xiao-hui xu founded in 2010 , 11 month, main slow life dress electricity, 2013 , 3 full acquisition; Seven days electrical network, ZuoYingJie founded in 2008 , 5 month, a electrical contractor is given priority to with selling TV, 2012 total annual revenue 8.8 .

although the category is different, but the same vertical electric company, is to do the same with vertical electrical contractor’s biggest problems – flow, the direction is opposite, why?

one, the owner was born different

xiao-hui xu was born in 1977 years, graduated from Peking University, from jinshan to yahoo, go back to golden hill, and to the vancl, entrepreneurial crucco finally, is take the pure Internet way;

ZuoYingJie in 1975 year, Yu Zhongna university graduation, 7 , 3 good channels of home appliance, is take the traditional marketing way.

look at several other interesting vertical electrical contractor:

d, cotton underwear, hosiery, collapse in 2012 , month. Founder Vincent wai lam, 3 years working experience in overseas study, the UK MBA degree, the first domestic B2C one of the web site to “cool” as a product marketing director , jinshan early-stage employees, 17 game the vice President of marketing, vice President of the aurora interaction. — the Internet was born.

Dr Samar, men’s electricity, 2012 , month from being acquired, the rumor, 2013 , 1 month say alive again: “ MasaMaso 2012 in the end realize scale profit! “Sun Hong founder, has been in the traditional garment industry to 10 for many years, I worked as a st Paul and wake much (VICUTU) boss. — traditional industry background, when he no longer subject to capital to stimulate the pursuit of scale, but to profit efficiency, a return to traditional style, turning a corner.

Internet, several transformation, the earliest do toys, electric do footwear business, after 2012 , 6 month plan to brand electricity transformation , month out loss is serious, the core team moved from Beijing to zhuhai. Founder of the bi sheng, the original baidu marketing director and general manager assistant. – the Internet, alert and reflect on, leading to several transition.

good buy, footwear electricity, 2012 end of the year from because money is tight to seek for sale, 2013 , 1 month out stop navigation website advertising, a sharp fall in the number of web traffic. Founder shubin and luming, shubin, a former search accessible website CTO , and luming has 20 years experience in traditional industries . – the Internet and traditional industries combined.

shoes library, is located in xiamen footwear electricity from 2009 201 2 years of sales, respectively: 3860 , 1.2 , 2 one hundred million yuan, more than 3 one hundred million yuan. Founder Thomas, focus footwear trade 20 years – the traditional foreign trade background.

second, thinking, playing different

who decided to train of thought, experience leading method.

in the Internet industry, its also deterioration, it died suddenly, also by burning capital, scale to win, calling from a battle; In the traditional industry, with toughness, amassing, see who live in the end, close combat, calling from a war.

the thinking of different origin cause, playing in three different footwear vertical electric business the most representative. The tao, good music, buy shoes library is one of the largest footwear three domestic electricity, category, it is like a thermometer on the three poles: le tao in the highest, good music center, buy shoes lowest library.

le tao bi sheng, completely Internet background, high skyer, is the capital play, 08 years since its establishment has won four rounds of financing more than 7000 $, even the pattern is the lightest “ real library on a commission basis”, need not spend money to buy goods, sold out again and check the supplier;

shoes library Thomas, completely traditional foreign trade background, slow slow, long play is a traditional sales, since its establishment only round alibaba 1500 dollars investment, it is based on ali backend sales data to determine – name shoes library 60% the above sales from Tmall open platform, etc. Thomas initially consider not to account for the size of the market, but the company’s survival. Can sell the product is to survive, so he do electrical business thinking and traditional sales is not, “until someone gas anywhere,” taobao sentiment, he set up shop taobao; Jingdong, popular will go to the jingdong open a shop. As for tao, good joy buy later also ran to the Tmall open platform, such as open a shop, is another story.