Vancl architecture diagram exposure: did you read it?

on April 8, hunting cloud network news

vancl internally released the latest organizational structure. Vancl internally issued a notice on the organization structure adjustment, the notice said that in response to the Internet in China and a new situation of the clothing industry is constantly changing, where visitors will from innovation in 2013, focus, optimize the three directions of the company organizational structure accordingly, to speed up the company development.

we can see. Every guest level architecture is divided into division, platform center, operation center, production center. Each level of organization and sets different organizational departments.

it is important to note that there are a few points that the architecture to the outside world is concerned.

it is why the marketing center, brand spread and planning center, respectively, set up department in accordance with the general company management structure, the three departments is usually an organic whole. There is a internal friction that move?

on the other hand, the man set up mobile innovation and mobile group, the former should be understood as a forward-looking innovation department, it also highlights that ambition in the mobile Internet. But cloud network hunting had to give every guest splash of cold water, a big mobile innovation research institute has been closed. Why even prospective department, mobile innovation department and mobile phone business to divide and conquer?

at present, including tencent, alibaba, giant enterprises have been aware of the disadvantages of segmentation and rule, to integrate mobile Internet within a sector. That don’t understand what the move also let the outside world.

notice is as follows:

notice for the adjustment of organization structure of foreign version

in 2013, the Chinese Internet environment in the dramatic changes in the environment and garment industry, it also requires us to have stronger competitiveness. Based on this, the company will make corresponding adjustment, more efforts to promote the Internet, and to encourage innovation and competition, and will continue to promote the organizational structure of flattening and specialization.

for this purpose, the company level repeated discussions, gathered the opinions on various aspects, formed the resolution of the following three aspects:

the first on the one hand, innovation

1, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, for which the opportunities and challenges, discussion and decision, the company set up mobile innovation group, is responsible for by LuanYi. Try to mobile Internet technology brings the new marketing areas of growth.

2, in order to speed up the pace of internationalization of company, the company discuss decide, the original department changed its name to overseas development department, is responsible by jia added. Rapid formation of 2013 new business growth point.

3, marketing center was established in order to effect as the guidance system of multi-channel promotion, performed very well in drive up sales of the company as a whole. Planning center has set up a share for the user to create content and promotion platform, have certain brand impact force in the industry. The original founder crucco xiao-hui xu has rich experience in Internet marketing model innovation, in response to the current complicated and changeable environment, Internet discussion and decision, the company marketing center and the xiao-hui xu will be responsible for the planning center.

4, to improve the business competitiveness, discussion and decision, the company will be the third division of household accessories line and the third production center of merger, purchasing function independently established household accessories department, is responsible by wang. Try from the selected product sales each link to get through the whole chain of operation new pattern.

the second aspect: focus on

1, the company discuss decide, shirt line division, from 6 Pan Yong shirt ministry set up the independent, responsible for the

2, to discuss the company decision, knit line from the sixth division, knit ministry set up the independent, by zhang.

3, discussion and decision, the company mobile phone division shall be the responsibility of the YanXiaoDan, responsible for mobile phones every guest, V +, and other Internet products.

4, discussion and decision, the company supply chain center by amith jj.

5, the company decided to, brand communication center, public relations, corporate culture and the new media department in charge of by wai shum wind.

3 aspects: optimizing

1, the first division, the original female boots and shoes line belong to the same category, in order to promote efficiency, the company discuss decide, female boots delimit a merger with women’s shoe line the first division.

2, the fourth division who clothes line, the second group double wool and knitting coat line and the fifth group anti-pilling wool products, similar to a certain degree of product planning, the company discuss decide, double yarn, knitted coat line and anti-pilling wool into a merger with fleece single line in the fourth division.

3, the fifth division leisurewear and fourth division big underwear line belong to the same category, in order to promote efficiency, the company discuss decide, leisurewear line and big underwear line merging into the fourth division.

the above adjustment effect from now on, the system related to the examination and approval on April 1st, since 2013.

vancl presidents office

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