User said WP version of Twitter “steal” run data traffic

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Microsoft officials recently admitted that WP Twitter application creates some “unexpected” data traffic consumption.

recently, the user response their WP frequently download Twitter application contacts file picture. The report pointed out that the emergence of the “unnecessary traffic consumption” because Twitter is now on the user’s file image is transferred to different servers. It is reported, have been discovered the problem a week ago.

Foreign technology press

The Verge in by using your own WP more vividly describes The above problems for us, they found in The list of network data WP, Twitter contacts list within a week with went to 300 MB data traffic and 3 gb wi-fi data. Not only that, they also point out that even in the case of not using Twitter, WP Twitter will be “stolen” run traffic.

it is understood that Microsoft has addressed this issue (daily synchronous Twitter account only once), but because of the Twitter back-end adjustment problems involved, and Microsoft also may “look”. In addition, the report remind relevant user open WP traffic monitoring, understand the usage of data traffic. Of course, Twitter background adjustment will end after a week.