Use rope life business! Shanda employees before startup was detained

the author: LouChi

on July 13, news, yesterday noon, Shanghai dragon world network technology co., LTD. As a legal person and the two managers in Shanghai was taken away by police in hubei province jingzhou shashi. People familiar with the matter to the tencent technology, according to police in shashi is “caught stealing commercial secrets online the escaped prisoner,” said the arrest related personnel, dragon industry company server has been shipped to hubei.

shanda public relations for the matter to the tencent technology then confirmed that the original shanda “legendary studio” core staff Qian Mou waiting for grand reported detained by police in hubei province. Shanda said there are reports, but all the results and see the results after the judicial intervention, the case is still under processing, shanda games not saying much.

shanda games, because of shanda games found the game companies reporting staff started dragon world’s alleged infringement product, therefore, the report to the justice department to report behavior is in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. For subsequent development, shanda respect national law, all the results will be subject to the judicial department processing.

on this, the dragon industry company tencent technology investment direction, said only one in three people have been abducted in grand work involved in design and development work, the rest two people respectively responsible for the operation and the market, has no contact with the grand products core technology. And dragon’s world is about to launch “dragon world supremacy” game code for independent writing, has nothing to do with the grand. But also has great internal personnel to tencent’s science and technology, said the arrest of three, Qian Mou and fan as “legendary” project director, a run, a responsible for technology, belong to “the legend” core staff team.

it is reported, Shanghai dragon world network technology co., LTD. Was established in May 2012, the company’s core staff and currently one-third for the former grand staff of more than 60 employees, the company original game “dragon world” by the ministry of culture, the administration’s review, full legal qualification, internal testing has been in June this year.

dragon industry company investment direction, said tencent technology investment through various channels to “save” founder now, hope that through legal means to solve the problem in the future. At the same time, he says, to participate in hubei province jingzhou shashi police said.

the personage inside course of study to tecent science and technology, said the dragon world “and whether to use the original code outside the shanda is difficult to determine, by review and obtain legal qualifications and code if there is no direct relationship between the original. But he said the hubei police intervention “grand image is a serious injury”, itself, the market is declining in recent years, instead of “catch men” event for the dragon world “have more exposure.

in addition, the dragon world investors and the company has revealed that a company executives in front of the world “the dragon” closed tried to jointly operate the game, but because into question not to negotiate, but there are big people within the company denied the claim.

source: tencent technology