Update: sohu video President Liu Chun leaving business

on October 14, hunting cloud network news, today there are rumors that vice President of sohu, sohu net, editor in chief Liu Chun will leave in the near future. The latest news, according to the Liu Chun I confirmed departure, and said after their departure will be on their own business. however, before the sohu video public relations people are denied, said is totally unfounded.

after into a turbulent sohu video is accompanied by a series of adjustment, executives frequently, therefore to focus on Liu Chun. The industry has a media reported. Liu Chun parachuted into sohu video considered as something different, after modification according to oneself idea sohu video, but it soon realized in sohu video inside, there is no too many decisions, eventually turned for sohu portal affairs.

in July this year Liu Chun also just as sohu video, this is also considered by the reuse of the signal. But three months after resignation rumors about Liu Chun again with this afternoon. Even imagine that he himself released a few days before a tweet, “a successful career, right place, right time, and, conversely, is one quadrillion yuan, I also not to.” To regrets friend expects him to return to the original TV industry circle, also reveal some thinking of his own position and situation.

however, sohu video communications have strongly denied Liu Chun resignation rumors, said, “this is nonsense, crazy! Liu Chun is currently China’s good voice low.” It is reported, sohu video as exclusive website China good voice, in the traffic and make a good profit on revenue, but did not disclose the specific data.

Liu Chun joined in 2011, sohu, sohu company vice President, sohu net, editor-in-chief and sohu video COO, responsible for sohu net, sohu news client content and sohu video homemade program. From 2000 to 2011, and I work in Liu Chun cityof phoenix satellite TV, successively as assistant chief designer, assistant director, vice President and executive director. As phoenix TV program director of the center, Beijing Liu Chun innovation, responsible for the daily management of the phoenix cantonese and programs planning founded including “the tiger team”, the life changes in temperature and other brand columns. In addition, as are Liu Chun Vipshop independent directors.