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recent topic noisy WeChat charge, there is much to be said on both shiva said shiva. Seems to be rational, think carefully in fact many are standing in the point of view of the problem by themselves. We have to restore the nature of things.

a, the nature of things

WeChat is a social software? The answer is yes, it is a social software. So WeChat can realize voice on the phone, SMS (text, pictures, video, sound), video call? The answer is yes, it can be achieved.

what is the main business of the communications operators? Is a fixed telephone, PHS, 2 g, 3 g mobile phone, broadband Internet access, dedicated circuit connection, total six big business. Communication operators business implementation of main functions (i.e., customer needs) what are they? ) is voice calls (including video calls, text messages, high-speed Internet access (including 3 g and broadband access, circuit access). Pro, have you found the problem?

the problem is that realize the function of the micro letter is essentially the homogeneity of telecommunication business operators business , that is to say the can realize the function of micro letter alternative communication operators to provide the function of business , the interests of the resulting. We come to this business is the difference between two categories. The difference between a light WeChat is assets, product investment threshold is low; Communication operators belong to heavy assets, products into high threshold. Difference between two, micro letter by social software evolution, belong to the communication network extension services, did not include communication products regulation, also did not undertake national universal service obligations; Communication operators by private business has evolved, into the communication products regulatory after beginning to develop strong, also bear the national universal service obligation. Difference between the three, micro letter is based on the data in the mobile communications business business Internet product, its access to exist in the Internet access. Due to the technical characteristics of the Internet, micro letter belongs to the safety of low quality products; Communication operators’ business is telecommunications products, from the beginning with the highest quality security. This difference caused during natural disasters, and other special events during the war, the country and the public is not the same as the dependence on the two categories of business function. Difference between four, to ensure the realization of the function of micro letter is not by myself, it depends on the improvement of the communication network; The realization of communication operators business is based on the perfection of their own networks, i.e. WeChat only needs to maintain their own servers, and the realization of the telecommunication business operators need more cost for network maintenance and optimization. Difference between five, because of these differences, in the state in times of peace, WeChat representative OTT belongs to low input high-margin products with quick results, communication service compared to belong to high investment low profit long product production cycle.

can be seen from the above differences, in the high building based on network, communication operators WeChat and telecommunications operators to provide customers with basically the same product, of course, this product needs to be completed in the final implementation for the last time the packing.

if you understand it to the above, you will understand where is the contradiction between micro letter and communications operators.

2, events stakeholders attitude

China mobile has more than 700 million mobile phone users, most of them use 2 g network. Provide the ability to see from the network, the letter really caused a certain degree of China mobile’s 2 g network congestion, and bypass the China mobile business income. As a result, China mobile think WeChat should pay a fee for network congestion, and of course the cost is by WeChat provider (tencent) pay, rather than WeChat users (user). The reason has its rationality.

China unicom has more than 200 million mobile phone users, its 2 g network is faced with the problem of China mobile, but its 3 g network due to the characteristics of large capacity, high speed, WeChat pressure on its 3 g network is not very big. To think is China unicom, charging WeChat provider (tencent) can also be, not to collect fees. In the case of 3 g networks need to expand coverage, charging WeChat provider (tencent) can have more cost in the 3 g network construction (essentially unicom and WeChat is a win-win situation in the short term), not to collect fees, China unicom users increases 2 g to 3 g network of migration. Because under the saturated market for mobile communications, unicom’s first task is to increase mobile phone size, aimed at China mobile, rather than tencent company.

China telecom has more than 100 million mobile phone users, because of its using 900 m network, the network coverage range, but in the local area network capacity is relatively limited. Consider telecom 3 g are unable to TDD and FDD smooth upgrade. So China telecom’s first task is to optimize the existing network, successfully crossed the 15% of the lifeline, and for their better development prospects. So WeChat whether charges is not China telecom is currently an issue, and China telecom will not be said, as for whether to WeChat provider (tencent) to collect fees, let it’s up to China mobile, the leader of the mobile communication.

for tencent company, of course, do not want the operator to its charge, although WeChat now is free, but in more than 400 million WeChat user group do value-added services obviously can be profitable (tencent company has a wealth of operational experience). So tencent WeChat to its products to the carriers network effects of know, but it did not want on the premise of no earnings WeChat pay fees to the operators. Essentially tencent company Opened a very bad model, because WeChat OTT development threshold is low, its itself also faces competition from meters to chat and other products. More terrorist, you are not allowed to have a company one day, to develop a product and move to a certain points away from WeChat hand a bowl of soup. Then will be more confusion.

three, communications product homogeneity alternative is for today?

the answer is, it isn’t. The development of the telecommunication operators is a process of constantly transcend ourselves, constantly self-destruction. The development of the fixed telephone also is such a process, from manual switches to step by step system exchange machine development and the destruction, then to the crossbar switch, development and destruction to SPC exchange, development and destruction to NGN softswitch technology development and destruction. The evolution of homogeneous replacement with operators.

we review a product replacement in recent ten years, the mobile communications (mobile phone) replacement of fixed telephone. Mobile communications (mobile phone) relative to the fixed telephone, it is more convenient to carry, more feature-rich, use more fashion, so in front of the 08 restructuring, telecom and netcom is not don’t work hard, just replace trend irreversible, and their profits decline year by year, China mobile’s dominance. Someone will ask China unicom? Not bad in the days of China unicom, although small income less, but less staff. Telecom and China netcom are the years of bitter, it is bitter. It produces a problem, fixed telephone dead? The answer is no, at least in mesh technology in front of the case, the condition of fixed not dead.

we see micro letter relative to alternative for mobile communications (mobile phone). If you have WIFI, so even if you not three carriers user, you can still enjoy similar operators to provide products and services. The same trend is irreversible. Try so hard, so China mobile WeChat also try so hard, one is looking at increasing income decreasing, one is looking at to earn income.

4, can achieve a win-win?

individual thinks, this should be a win-win public users, country, three carriers, WeChat OTT and win-win, the lack of any one party win-win situation is unsustainable. So how to realize the win-win situation?

let’s take a look at everyone’s appeal, in today’s CPI rising, one public expects to reduce the cost of living, the public took a fancy to communication costs. The public’s demands are therefore expected to lower communication costs; Demands of the country is no matter how alternative communications products, communications industry must ensure that the special period of high quality communication requirements and in the blue ocean of mobile Internet technology can be implemented and build towards the world’s leading enterprises (state-owned or private); Demands is high network operators (especially the 3 g network and embarks on 4 g networks) should be recovery costs and profits, this is also the requirements of the sasac and the ministry of industry; WeChat class OTT appeal is the development of new products must get profit, otherwise the enterprise loses the foundation of development.

we look at what is to be done?

basic network (3 g, 4 g network, optical network) is a must to build, or whose demands are not achieve them.

communication products of alternative trend is irreversible, this is not for man’s will.

high quality high grade requirements must be met, otherwise the war during special events such as who will guarantee the communication?

communications is to support research and development of new products promotion, otherwise not to lag behind the national information era, let alone make to big companies in the world.

there are readers will ask, so complicated, you are quick to say how to realize the win-win situation?

five, the communications industry need to reposition and reasonable regulation

my opinion based on fixed telephone as an opportunity to realize the repositioning of the communications industry and the reasonable regulation, only in this way the benign development of the communications industry, a better space for development. Fixed telephone for telecom, unicom in terms of income is below the broadband access, mobile communications (2 g, 3 g) income. In terms of product policy in order to increase the mobile communications business development, fixed telephone rental is symbolic of, and use of fixed telephone number of larger units have also formed a virtual network, fixed telephone is basically play a minute of money in a minute. We look at the cost of the fixed telephone, fixed telephone line maintenance costs, labor costs are involved in growth, as the core of the fixed telephone service bureau of the attendant did not decrease, ensuring the universal service obligation of fixed telephone without reducing the required module bureau construction, module in SPC exchange are still in the network operation, electricity continues to pay. Can be thought of in a fixed telephone income reduced under the condition of decreasing, user scale, fixed telephone operating costs but with rising prices and rising, in some sense, unicom, telecom iron business fixed telephone more is to bear the national universal service obligation, fixed telephone has become a public welfare undertakings. Of telecommunication reform into the market economy is the fixed phone positioning in 10 years. So, we can predict in the last ten years is mobile communication business will also be a position like this?

to do so, I think, 1, the country should reconsider positioning of the communications industry. Public welfare attribute in the communications industry business separate out (e.g., fixed telephone business), divided into early may establish independent country exchange, belonging to ministry of industry management, implement national pricing (pricing) by the national development and reform commission, has become solve the market management chaos of the effective means of communication. So as to make travel light, telecom, unicom, railcom is fair and beneficial for communications market of all parties. 2, national communication should be considered reasonable regulation of new business. OTT WeChat class since the communications business has become a matter of fact, so the WeChat class OTT into telecommunication regulation, the main undertake corresponding state obligation has become an optional. In this way, each operation OTT communications services company need to obtain the miit operating license, under the lead of the ministry, and responsible for the network construction maintenance optimization operator completes the work, to provide better services to the public together, for the user’s public competition, increase the number of operators to this way way better than the state administrative division added than forcing operators support virtual operator pilot is easier to fall to the ground.

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