Under the strong push: 5120000 m new subscribers from yesterday

according to alipay, as of yesterday evening. Alibaba’s camp of mobile IM applications and users new increase of 5.12 million. Ali internal high pressure to promote policies that the preliminary results.

alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu on Friday called the whole company ALL managers personally mobilization demand across ALL IN wireless, specifically mentioned “correspondence”, says is “will battle”, “as long as have eaten 30% of the market, the market product experience will be better, wireless Internet and there is hope.”

and conference in September this year, Mr. Lu personally “platform” for this product. Not only that, but he recently often hung in a variety of transactions, and personally participate in function improvement.

get ali high-level support not only Mr. Lu, more important is Ma Yunlai “by”. Ma trying issued a call for alibaba staff become associate product extension, saying “on the radio, we should not consider listing!” Ma in the network are compared and challenge micro letter as a “war”, “who don’t participate in, who should not stay in the company.” He claimed to be the current communication tools is 80%, the greatest pleasure is to help it grow and improve. This also reflects his big and determination. In order to let all employees embrace, he also asked specifically to each ali people associate must have external users before the end of November 100 users, otherwise regarded as giving up red envelopes (ali internal bonus).

on September 23, and the official launch. In order to promote, ali from September 23 to 25, three days, for the user, including “local tyrants gold” iPhone5S various prizes, to nearly 10 million the cumulative amount of budget. Not only that, in the upcoming double tenth a activities, Tmall inside still in planning to do promotion, to drive the product users and visibility.

alipay, a senior manager on weibo regrets: ali people crazy, crazy together can really create miracles. Don’t know you know are set to a play! Reciprocity is, kiss! Log on to m.laiwang.com to download, scan code to add me!!!!!!! Let’s Ma Zong said, don’t sleep “chatting for three days and three nights”