Under “encirclement and suppression” in the giant jingdong have no sense of security

recently, jingdong’s move is “out”, as a still has not been profitable start-ups, jingdong around a sword, pointing to giant.

first, jingdong mall issued internal mail, forcing employees cannot use WeChat. Then kill tencent tenpay. It is understood that the two sides cooperation started in 2007, so far, cooperation for 6 years.

then, jingdong announced it again and sina weibo cooperation is coming to an end. Sina weibo user can appear after landing jingdong “our cooperation is about to expire and sina weibo. By then, you will not be able to pass on jingdong website sina weibo account to log in, please improve on the left side of the information as soon as possible, so as to avoid unable to use this account login jingdong.” Prompt, existing users of sina weibo login must modify the data of disease after a password to log in jingdong.

tell hunting cloud network executives, cooperation at jingdong and sina weibo is called the social model of electricity, it’s a pity that the honeymoon is so short

time to go back, as early as 2011, jingdong mall also banned old rival alibaba’s pay treasure to business.

jingdong in a short period of time for “bad” giant, took the industry. Jingdong what is going on? Obviously, jingdong force-out alibaba and tencent is the most direct reason of competition from electricity. But block behind faint show jingdong insecurity.

a, alibaba dashan again before impenetrable

jingdong has been alive to eat next investors $2.3 billion, and still there is no profit. Although liu stressed that if there is no input logistics construction, jingdong could have profit, but the latest round of financing, according to jingdong valuations have drop $10 billion to $7 billion. This is already shows that capital has been greatly reduced interest in jingdong.

and jingdong has been pursued alibaba, at this point, the capital value up to hundreds of billions of dollars.

from the capital level, jingdong has and alibaba has ten times the gap. Tell from business level, the layout of the alibaba is several notches higher than jingdong.

jingdong in their own worlds grindstone, alibaba has scoured moves, layout for the future. From a strong stake in tintin, poor them, weibo, UC, gold, etc. Alibaba in itself to strengthen electricity business at the same time, in 020, the layout of the mobile power has become clearer.

ali balance of small micro financial group treasure still in fermentation caused by the earthquake effect, foreign media using the alibaba Internet change of China’s financial for this title.

2, tencent inclined to assassinate pursue to end

as early as before the jingdong stopped wealth tenpay and WeChat, in March this year, cloud network hunting the scoop, familiar with jingdong, executives said jingdong internal fully stopped tencent tencent RTX, corporate communications software to switch to Microsoft Lync. , according to people familiar with the jingdong to information security considerations, carefully to prevent confidential information leakage.

jingdong alert indicating the depth of tencent.

tencent after holding the Yi Xun, the electricity business strategy to work step by step. Tencent and jingdong competition is inevitable.

last December, Yi Xun insiders told hunting cloud network, has been launched in Beijing Yi Xun mass marketing campaign. Earlier, Yi Xun network in Beijing to open its first “service entity shop”. This means that the same Yi Xun started with 3 c category are the heart of the fight to big brother jingdong.

Yi Xun and jingdong compete in addition to the speed of delivery, from BuGuang’s “fault” also makes the relationship between the two sides once: east announced a high-profile foray into financial business, BuGuang together without mercy, shelling jingdong.

“the rule is simple, today you (jingdong) pressure upstream suppliers, one month, two months or three months of payment days, you (jingdong) and loans to others, it’s not strange? As said today, I’m sorry, I get your phone, you said the phone back to me, I said ok, you give me 500 dollars.”

BuGuang qi said, to really do a good job in supply chain finance, need to reduce the cost of capital in the field of circulation, and jingdong the trick now is to use its own strength, for small businesses FangZhang give jingdong, and then to the small business loans, it will eat small businesses profit more part, not a win-win mentality. BuGuang qi truth jingdong exploitation suppliers, the knife knife cut in the heart of liu.

in addition to Yi Xun thought, the most afraid of jingdong or threat from WeChat.

advocates WeChat to launch mobile electricity revolution arguments have been, despite WeChat the development of mobile electronic business is slow, but still WeChat pay proved that such as the introduction of electrical business ambitions, tencent in the mobile and jingdong is no outstanding contribution in the field of mobile power, jingdong had to prevent.

before ali, tencent, increased competition, jingdong security decline further.