Unclear: those smart TV with the box


cloud network hunting on September 23, special report

smart TV box and the two ties of the same product, what is good or bad? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the respective? This is many fans of science and technology and an important concern to consumers. Now under a lot of companies new product promotion and marketing campaign, spend for charming eyes, is really make people can’t distinguish right from wrong. This, hunting cloud network will lead you to smart TV and the relationship between box and a meticulous combing.

in September and October, the two because the student of school, the National Day holiday and let businesses active in restlessly, merchants are rare impact performance of brush presence. In this year’s digital technology industry, in addition to bombarded with all kinds of brand new phones, smart TV also carries various concepts. Among them, the millet hand accumulated over the past two years the Internet phone popularity, and millet in the early period of the box, 2999 the low-cost Internet TV model enables millet to succeed will be smart TV this topic into the netizen the focus of discussion. And then the TCL , Letv, hisense, konka, skyworth vendors not to be outdone, together to start the marketing war, the big brush presence, a variety of hardware knowledge popularization, all kinds of market positioning, it is in the clouds and fogs.

smart TV what look? Alarming is dead!

what is a smart TV

about the definition of smart TV, some say that, like a smartphone with operating system, users can install and uninstall software, games and other apps, developers can continue to expand and upgrade the system function new TV product. But it is not comprehensive, or this is just the basis of intelligent smart TV. (think of it, this request if smart TV, it directly in the smartphone business a hdmi interface connected to the TV screen don’t have to, lovely small mobile phone and integrate the function of a smart TV, two happy, why not?) Thus, from a functional sense definition of smart TV, relatively more perfect:

1. Smart TV has all the features of the traditional TV, more integrated, convenient operation. Is suitable for the intelligent operating system of TV.

2. Very convenient smart TV can directly read other equipment of the local resources, send instructions link, has a variety of interactive and convenient operation mode. Namely: interactive screen, screen. Given the limitations of television interactive operation, through the remote control to search the resources of rich user experience is not enough, not enough is convenient. In order to develop to improve the user’s control, easy to be controlled by other equipment is to improve the user experience will be.

3. Smart TV must possess good game performance matching game, the game platform and resources. Such a unique domestic product, and computers and handheld devices the look and feel of the huge difference, experience is a natural platform for the game. Differential game entertainment experience experience is friends like big rush things, there’s not a good game features, is the expression of the fault.

image said, smart TV is a more professional, comprehensive functions of players and game consoles.

the type of smart TV

smart TV mainly has two types: one is a smart TV camera, (now the public is generally referred to as “: smart TV, below is also referred to as smart TV) that is to expand TV hardware, add CPU , memory, wireless CARDS, such as equipment, to support the operating system and networking, then Android built into the operating system such as TV sets, so as to realize intelligent TV promotion. For users, if you want to upgrade to this kind of smart TV hardware performance, you must buy a new smart TV, all-in-one cannot upgrade the old TV set this way at the same time, this old TV set will be eliminated, the cost is quite high.

the second is in the original ordinary TV, through the HDMI or other external interface a carrying Android or iOS system smart TV box son (also called “hd set-top box”, “hd player”, “hd Internet TV set-top boxes, etc.), make ordinary TV can achieve access to the Internet, chat, video, film, etc. The function of the smart TV. The current apple Apple TV box and Google company the Nexus Q player to enter China, domestic smart TV box generally carry Android system, the price is low, most only 2 , 3 one hundred yuan. like baidu shadow rods, Chromecast TV stick, be classified as the narrow version of smart TV box.

now, the price of the smart TV is relatively high, the user needs to eliminate the old and buy a New TV, upfront costs is higher, in the later maintenance, smart TV for parts and function, maintenance costs are higher than ordinary TV, hardware focused on TV sets, which is close to the screen, causing a small parts require a lot of maintenance costs, and general TV more than one year will be very high maintenance cost, repair parts of money often enough to buy a few Android smart box.

at the same time, the television screen USES time tend to be more than 5 years, CPU and the renewal speed of memory is often less than a year, that is to say, a year later, smart TV CPU may run the application of the latest, after three years the CPU can be completely eliminated, and the smart TV manufacturers to upgrade CPU and memory is not an easy thing, often cannot upgrade the hardware, can only change the entire television to upgrade, more expensive cost. and now smart TV is basically all have HDMI , USB interface, making the smart TV can also direct connection box, compromise and flexibility for smart TV . So, in the future still need to box, all-in-one meaning ceases to exist.

but smart TV also has its advantages, because of the intelligent box matching by the smart TV all sorts of different specifications, such as the resolution of the system upgrade, can’t be more like a smart TV in-depth and targeted optimization. There is a certain discount on user experience.

but now smart TV from software to hardware is not mature, and the real user experience also want to go to far, specific do you want to pay big money when the rats, or the need for careful consideration.

millet and millet TV box

at the same time, we from millet smart TV and box product strategy, also can see some of these effects.

the latest version of A9 dual-core millet box configuration is not too high, with smartphones, by contrast is very low, so to speak. But the foot can easily run the smart TV version of beautiful MIUI . At the same time, in the smart TV also unknown what killer hardware will appear before the perfect hardware configuration, while ensuring at the same time, the performance of sharply lower prices, so to ensure the low price, allows users to withstand relatively frequent hardware update. Let millet in the smart TV hardware can rapid response, to provide a larger trial and error on system and hardware function space. Make it a beautiful MIUI TV operating system powerful promotion platform. To promote the constant improvement of millet TV.

hunting cloud network television also invited to participate in the millet, the scene is hot. We should see the reasons behind the more behind the boom. Millet by qualcomm Xiao dragon TV chip, believe that within two years or a fine configuration, what a big change unless the hardware industry. The MPQ8064 APQ8064T to GPS gimped, dedicated to intelligent home appliances version, no change in terms of core architecture. did millet millet TV directly to the configuration specifications 2 s level, to ensure the TV screen update cycle, the system configuration doesn’t fall out. Millet rich TV HDMI , USB interface, making the millet TV can also access box, to choose flexible upgrade.