Ucweb CEO domineering speech: 360 mobile browser no way out, uc will buy others in the future

UC CEO ucweb CEO in the global mobile Internet conference today published a speech titled “variables”.

in his speech, ucweb CEO “domineering sliding sideways”, first direct call 360 mobile browser type of browser “artist” in the mobile Internet is no way out.

“360, the largest share in the PC browser. But 360 today in mobile Internet browser, pay attention to the permeability is 4.3%, UC mobile Internet intelligence, Android and IOS platform penetration reached 71.2%, why the formation of such gap? Graphic browser on the mobile Internet is no way out.”

then face the takeover rumors of UC is said the UC will not be acquired, will only buy others. “There will be no future market rumors UC who was acquired, the future only message UC who bought.”

here are for GMIC the BBS “variable” speech activity

I’m very glad to come to again today GMIC assembly, each assembly first impression of people more and more, estimates that the conference next year will be held in the football field? Such convention actually take part in more and more people every year, I was thinking about a problem, the mobile Internet is very hot, the conference participants our major is who? Today, so I make a field investigation in the scene of the general assembly from facebook , apple, Google , amazon, tencent, baidu, alibaba for laid hands on him, four mountain, coupled with the big three?

the good news, today to attend the conference from the seven companies of no more than 1% , so many people, we are here, a Chinese to go beyond the purpose of the 1% , this is the dream of our founders, I want to have, do not dream of people please raise your hands? If you do not have such a dream, believe that won’t business, your business goals is to go beyond, to be rising. This is the mobile Internet to we see a situation, so I today’s topic is variable, but from the entrepreneur.


2011 years of the second half of the year, 2012 in the first half of the year, for all of us present here entrepreneurs, I think that everyone is a kind of excited feeling, give you, for we are all very happy. Out a few people find financing, money is very simple, but in this point in time, I know a lot of friends in the next round of financing, but everybody met pressure, because startup now the weather becomes cool wind ship to ship my question is what change? There is no change, giant or giant, entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, we still have our dreams.

this world the Internet has developed for more than ten years, now you can see the giant American appeared four of the most important, we call three mountain in China, the United States called four giant, Google, apple, amazon, facebook , if the world only the United States market, I think we go home and wash sleep, what to which one of the four? Good news in the era of mobile Internet, see the appearance of many new entrepreneurs companies doing a good job today, also in China, over the past decade to form three mountain, baidu, alibaba, tencent, the mobile Internet rapid development, China’s Internet environment also see some of the new company, sina weibo, I take it as a new company, because it does not completely belong to sina now. UC , 360 , ttpod, books flag novel, ink weather, beautiful picture show, appear many new applications and these enterprises. In such cases, in fact, the world will become colorful, if only the red line above these companies, I think we will have aesthetic fatigue. It is because of these new forces, are variable, to make the world richer side. Technology, the pattern, the company.

technology is the first important variables, Google class in the era of mobile Internet in the future will bring us more and more surprise, let us in PC Internet different experience. But you have to make such products, but also bring good experiences, by what? By technology. Glasses, we for many years, one hundred years ago. That such a from the United States market, we see, makes me very excited, I feel that this technology will overturn the whole industry. In the search industry, the traditional search will depend on the type a Kword , Google class will change the industry.

UC since entrepreneurship in technology it is very important to us, I am also very proud, in the mobile Internet UC in the world the first to use the browser’s cloud computing architecture, the PC browser, the user experience the word a little go out of form, deformation. In China PC browser user experience more and more like artists, a person can do PC browser, can do two hundred people, many people not to do the most technology, do art, mobile Internet era, art in the browser, no development prospects.

with two examples for a while PC browser who is in China’s largest, 360 , PC browser share. But 360 today in mobile Internet browser, pay attention to is the permeability 4.3% , UC intelligent mobile Internet, Android and IOS two platforms permeability to 71.2% , the formation of such gap? Graphic browser on the mobile Internet is no way out.

the second variable is the mode, all the Chinese enterprises development in China in the past, without considering the global development, and we look at the traditional American Internet for Asia’s value degree is not enough. But the good news in the mobile Internet era, the entire Asian development in mobile Internet sooner than the United States. Mobile Internet in the United States it will be from 2007 years apple out iphone to calculate, but we see in Asia 2001 in Japan, China is 2004 years, see India is in the high speed development. Asia as a whole in the era of mobile Internet will be a huge success. UC the important strategic goal is in the bric countries, we in China, India, Brazil, Russia, the population in these countries put together, is more than the and a population, the global