UC overseas power light application strategy, amazon plugin first online


, “the global mobile Internet conference” silicon valley station held in San Francisco, users of the world’s biggest third-party mobile browser provider UC gifted as announced in the overseas launch their own light application strategy, UC gifted as the chairman delivered a speech at ucweb CEO said, UC will be around the browser to “ Super App + Light App “will create new mobile Internet industry ecological pattern.

at the same time, ucweb CEO, announced this year 7 month just in the domestic online application platform “ UC + “has been UC browser in succession various international version online, is one of the first light applications include the amazon online shopping plugin. Ucweb CEO pointed out that, in the hope that through the UC + , can realize UC in the “internationalization” and “platform” on the two fusion, and further accelerate the development of the company.

in a App push light applications

in the past few years, with the flourishing App the entrepreneurial boom was rapidly cooling, App development has entered a bottleneck period. For developers, high cost of development, the promotion is difficult. According to statistics, in all types of applications, 99.9% long tail accounts for application of the distributed quantity of 30% , and 0.1% the high frequency of application of the 70% distribution amount.

at the user level at the same time, the vast majority of client App utilization rate is not high. Mobile analytics and advertising companies Adeven tracking data show that, although apple App Store is close to the number of applications 90 m, but it contains is worthy of the name “zombie”, go unattended to.

2011 , 9 , UC has been officially launched the first domestic Web App application center, and is still, continuously strengthen the nuclear technology and product end Web App support. This year month, baidu founder robin li, baidu world conference pointed out that “app store” model on the promotion and use of the fundamental flaws, also launched its “light” solutions.

meanwhile, micro letter, UC browser, weibo these users, the use of high frequency applications gradually grow into a “super App “. Iresearch, according to data from the four major application , micro letter, UC browser, sina weibo, possession of Chinese Internet users, the effective use of time 10.03% , 7.39% , 7.54% and 3.97% .

This year

7 , UC optimal apparent domestic formally issued “ UC + “open platform, including web application center, plug-in platform. “We hope that by UC browser this super App , for the majority of developers to provide a new service of mobile Internet marketing operation, at the same time to provide users with more personalized services on the Internet.

ucweb CEO, points out that the super App can provide users with flow rate and the underlying technology support, at the same time reduce the cost of development and platform cover. UC the idea is to use the browser this big active users, high using frequency general-purpose super App , according to the usage scenario to the user, intelligent recommendation and distribution service for App outside the app store, have more exposure for users; Browser usage scenario is very much, also to a certain extent, increase the chance of a plug-in is invoked after installation, and in this process, the user may even perceive switching path. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull