Uber is said to be valued at $3.5 billion, that this is a what kind of company?

, according to a law released Uber documents show the company recently completed a large-scale financing, but the amount is unknown. Investors including TPG Investments and Google Ventures. A source said the current Uber valuation has reached $3.5 billion.

Uber is a based on the application of the car rental service provider, was founded in 2010, and obtained the rapid growth through word of mouth. Users can sent via the IPhone or Android smartphone application of Uber rental request, Uber through the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the user’s location, send away from the user where users are the latest drivers arrive, then the user can drive to the destination. Uber users can request the lease mid-range car, black car or SUV.

early in May this year, there are media, Uber valuation will exceed $1 billion, and is considered to be a handful of silicon valley innovation company with huge potential for growth, investors have to invest in a high valuation shown keen interest in the class company.

it is understood that the current Uber has entered China, and started the car rental in Shanghai.

besides play, car rental service, Uber is still in the business development to the express industry. According to foreign media reports All Things D science and technology, Uber launched express roses on valentine’s day and dessert, etc. So far, Uber announced with 31 city local launch Uber Ice Cream Ice Cream truck service, using Uber bring Ice Cream truck, using Uber account payment.

besides Uber, otherwise many taxis application in abroad is booming, and obtain the favor of investors.

in February this year, the famous New York investment company, Union Square Ventures to Hailo invested $30 million. Hailo is a taxi on the ios application, help the user to call a taxi in real time. In addition, the application of “car sharing”, also in May this year won the famous vc from silicon valley, Anderson Horowitz fund (Andreessen Horowitz), up to $60 million in financing.

however, the development of the Uber isn’t as well. Not long ago, Uber in Washington D.C. launched a program called “Uber X” taxi service was banned by the local government. (DCTC) taxi commission in Washington last week launched a new regulation, points out that can only be used for sedan in the lease. And small and medium-sized cars for business operation, need to use the meter.

domestic applications may face with taxi companies such as ratio of Uber, a more serious situation. A taxi on the one hand, the domestic regional market saturation, and not form a reasonable profit model; On the other hand, government intervention, let the taxi application face huge policy risk. Although the industry of the bubble economy, but two pairs of strong thugs, market and policy will keep the left, to go away.