U.S. smartphone Q2 sales data: iOS cauldron supremacy, the blackberry is still in the sink

since the blackberry launched the New operating system to put all your eggs in one basket Blackberry 10 since we have been keeping a close eye on the blackberry to “save” the success. However, the latest data show that the blackberry is still in the deep sink.

data from more than just released by the 2013 , Q2 U.S. smartphone market share. Blackberry sales from the same period of last year’s 4.0% , sharply fell to a mere 1.1% . the data report can completely with the latest developments: each other at the beginning of the blackberry Z10 all prices, operators sell Z10 slash prices, amazon’s store sales contract prices from 199 $.

meanwhile, Windows share increasing 1.1% to 4.0% . Coincidentally, Android market share fell just 1.1% .

the north American market Android and iOS two opposites, Windows Phone third, nominally share only 4% , blackberry respired. This does not accord with the blackberry ambition completely, the hines has ambitious:

Z10 and Q10 is the blackberry is currently listed two pick up the New system BB 10 phone. Z10 all the touch screen, Q10 is closer to the original blackberry design with QWERTY qwerty keyboard. The blackberry and New system Windows Phone 8 face the same problem: lack of application, into a “chicken eggs, eggs, chicken” dilemma: not enough users, there is no developers to the development and application of; And there is not enough high quality applications, users will not choose the platform.