U.S. senator John McCain complained that apple: why always updated with iPhone applications

according to CNBC official Twitter of half an hour ago, the U.S. senator John McCain, ran for President on Capitol hill to apple issued a question: why always wants me to update the iPhone applications? !

the forehead… Sounds a bit weird?

this news on Twitter caused a large number of turns (Retweet), don’t know how many people saw said after ray/stopping/LOL/233. McCain’s question also shows us politicians from the side of the new technology of strange, no wonder technology to. I wrote before:

in the same way, Internet companies and the government there is similar to the “generation gap” between the clash of cultures. Middleman, congress and the government is more “respected” of the older generation. While silicon valley’s entrepreneurs in the majority with young people. Type more than entrepreneurs social activists, such as the early death of Aaron Schwartz, between the government and cultural conflicts appear more obvious. Congress and the administration of the Internet cognitive level, catch up with the changes brought by the Internet boom. So, professional lobbying to help communication, improve the level of the government’s policies, as far as possible to bridge “inter-generational conflict”.

well, I also answer questions about John McCain, though he could not see. Now the mobile phone is not a function before you use the machine, its function perfect largely depends on the application of the function is perfect, constantly adjust the product function iteration, to provide better services, was a smart phone. Actually, you can also use the old blackberry and nokia plug flight, almost no one to give the machines do the application now updated.

also remind apple, since users are not satisfied, whether should also learn the Android Play smart update mode? To relieve the pain of the user to update application, and you see the old Mr McCain, can’t stand the…