U.S. researchers success “maximum-minmum value” underwater “Internet

recently, Buffalo, New York University (University at Buffalo), also known as the faroe University researchers have succeeded in the experiment of an underwater wi-fi projects. They point out that to establish “the Internet” can not only make people realize the dream of the water to get to the Internet, can also assist tsunami detection, offshore oil and gas development, environmental protection and other projects.

however, if you want to achieve this dream, has overcome a lot of technical difficulties. For example, we usually use wi-fi is signal transmission by radio waves. But once in the bottom of the sea, the transmission range and stability of radio waves is greatly reduced. However, the researchers from Marine mammals inspired in the exchange of information – their underwater wi-fi is established using sound waves.

investigators lake Erie experiment in New York for the solution. They succeeded in the information in a laptop computer, sent to the two major 40 pounds (18 kg), located in the bottom of the sea sensors.

an associate professor at the university of buffalo, says: “who set up the network, can bring infinite possibilities of development to our society now. From Marine biological detection, to environmental protection, and hard to predict, and so on.”