Type of education4、5、6

Informal education editor
Informal education refers to the original forms of education activities and forms of existence and social life and production, there is no stable educator and educated people, nor fixed places of education nor normative educational contents. The education of primitive society belongs to this state.
Formal education editor
Formal education means that educational activities have become independent from social production and life and have become a form of specialized social practice with fixed educators, educators, educational establishments and more standardized educational contents. School education belongs to this form.
Institutional education editor
With the interactive development of education and society, the relationship between education and society is getting closer and closer. In modern society, people generally recognize the important value of education and devote great efforts to the education of social resources so that education becomes a complex and three-dimensional network system. In order to make education methodical and high-speed operation, many countries regulate the content, form and method of education by law. This is an institutionalized education. After the emergence of the capitalist mode of production, with the gradual expansion and sophistication of the scale of education, education has begun to enter a institutionalized form. School education system (referred to as the school system) is a typical manifestation of institutional education [1]