Two godson HTC one, the Galaxy S4 began to update the Android 4.3!

in the Nexus series began accepting the latest Android 4.3 push 9 days after carrying native Android Google Play HTC one and samsung the Galaxy S4 also received a push.

this upgrade speed was amazing, Google and samsung deliver on its “quick update system”, “provide user experience pure promises. HTC one start OTA update Android 4.3 , the Galaxy S4 has also started to update.

cloud network before hunting for the two to be called “Google adopted son” products have done detailed assessment report (hunting cloud network:), evaluation, points out that native Android version on individual function as custom skin version, but the overall experience of fluency, battery life, and is superior to customized version. This a quick upgrade, the new system once again proved that. A customised version of the don’t know long it will take to upgrade.

Android new system update about this arrangement in:

Google announced a new system

the Nexus family soon arriving by OTA update

Google Play original edition adopted son began to update

mobile phones manufacturer to announce its updated schedule

wait half a year or more before receiving system updates, when from the next generation of Android is not far off

some phones will be the manufacturer to give up, no longer provide update support

turned to the third party ROM , on the way of flash

the the Nexus and the adopted son is Google into native Android one of the most important aspects of the experience, to experience the value for the first time to upgrade system friends consider these machines.