Twitter to buy TV company Trendrr social data analysis

science and technology of foreign media reported All ThingsD, Twitter on Wednesday to complete the social data analysis the company’s acquisition of TV.

what is the TV social data analysis company?

TV social data analysis company, mainly responsible for the major social networking sites, users are talking about on TV, brand information collection, sorting, analysis, such as advertisement. Through these data, social networking sites and advertisers to understand the focus of people, you can even through “agenda setting” and other means of communication, guide social users about certain events.

three main competitors in this area have existed: Bluefin Labs, SocialGuide and Trendrr. Twitter besides acquired Trendrr, will also be Bluefin Labs. In addition, bought by American famous market research firm Nielsen SocialGuide.

Twitter: why do you want to buy Trendrr?

the industry analysis, Twitter acquisitions Trendrr reason mainly has the following two points:

1. Companies such as Trendrr, have very strong social data collection and analysis ability. Through technology and talent acquisition, Twitter can improve the existing ability of data analysis. In addition, special to attract brand advertisers.

2. Prevent Facebook and other social networking site acquisition of the company. The Trendrr ever for Facebook do a survey, and points out that Facebook users within a week of discussion about the amount of television’s spokesman, Twitter is five times. The non compulsory investigation report, let Facebook at least on advertisers earn a better reputation.