Twitter, the pulsation of the earth

Twitter CEO dick Custer luo Twitter praised as “artery” of the earth, although it’s users has reached 8% of the total in the world, but there is still a huge space for development. A recent interesting data survey revealed to us Twitter worldwide distribution map. Among them, we can clear understanding to the distribution of Twitter users in what kind of information and user generally share. In a word, Twitter in time and space dimensions expand the space for us to communicate, completely broke the former of the digital age, information communication obstacles.

the study from the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign an investigation team, on Twitter Decahose the position of the analysis of the data. The team members through 71 million users of 39 days sent by nearly 1.5 billion tweets (hereinafter referred to as the “twitter”) for data analysis, and finally to the study published online in the form of paper.

extracted from twitter user’s location information

in terms of user participation, Twitter clearly presented the “long tail” phenomenon: 85% of Twitter from the highest activity that 15% of users, and 25% of the content is only by 25% of user contributions. In addition, contain the user’s location information of twitter accounts for only 3% of the total number, two-thirds of the content of which is made up of 1% contributed by users.

researchers used “to address matching technology, convert described as address location to can be used for the GIS (geographic information system) of geographic coordinates. They by analyzing the information of the user to determine a user’s specific location, and address matching technology is used to change the data into the “intuitive” icon. In addition the analysis result is relatively stable, can be used as a reference for future researchers. In short, it can simplify the process research on Twitter’s positioning, reducing the required data, and also can save time and computing power.

although Twitter users use a lot of different language to communicate (such as Hungary, Serbia, Lebanon, Israel, the west bank and coexistence of multilingual countries), but now they are still the main tend to use English to provide location information.

where people send twitter?

where are you send twitter? The answer is simple: as long as the power of Twitter users wherever they are. The image below is of NASA’s statistics realize electric parts of the world () and twitter the geographical distribution of information. Among them, the red dot represents the twitter, blue dots represent where there is a power in the world, but the white dot above the two tied for the existing areas.


we is not hard to find from the graph, the promotion of digital products or services, to a large extent also depends on the popularity of electric power. Twitter is an exception, however, there is no electricity because of some of the generous, and can see someone send Twitter (for example, Japanese fishermen using Twitter on board).

green tag in the picture below represent Twitter2010 years new users. We found that these users concentrated in Europe, the Middle East. In addition, the blue tag represents the Twitter in 2011 new users in South Asia.


Twitter users are at and what people?

the figure below is the world within the scope of the people in the forward or retweet geographical distribution. We found that it is not difficult, space distance is not the only determinant of user forward, because the intercontinental in communication between the user, the retweet close and retweet distance is roughly equal to the number of times. The study, “wrote

“user seems to be in Latin America and the European users contact more closely, Asian users with the United States is more communication, and users in the Middle East seems with the United States and European users maintain frequent communication. Although the user was retweet, most people can be on the east coast of the United States is still the centre of the world’s Twitter user communication.”


in 2012, from Elsevier (Elsevier, world famous and authoritative science and technology, medical publisher) of a research report pointed out that, Twitter users in the selection of focus (follow), is often based on geographic location and standard. Near them or by air tools such as easy to meet people, is an important determinant of they follow. However, the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, investigation team said, in people’s view, retweet and forward the number of more telling than the number of followers.

people on Twitter to share?

people on Twitter to share content is mainly some of the social information. In the past six months, Twitter links is mainly comes from Twitter, sets, Facebook, YouTube, ask, FM and bursts. Only 7.8% of the links from the mainstream media news in English, these media mainly includes: the BBC, the Huffington Post, the New York times, the guardian (Huffington Post).

in addition, people in choosing links to news, distance is not the only determining factor, the distance of the news and local news link basically unchanged. Below is the information content of Google news reader with Twitter. A blue dot Twitter, represented by a red dot of mainstream media distribution area, collected Google reader and white dot represents the equilibrium region.


we found that the main information from Twitter in Latin America and eastern Europe, while the mainstream media information mainly comes from Africa, South Asia and east Asia.

according to a social product influence the size of the measurement of the website (abroad) results show that Twitter is one of the most influential users in Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Spain, Britain, the United States, and countries such as venezuela. And influence the most weak, that is rarely turn on by others or follow user mainly in eastern Europe, the Middle East (especially in Turkey), India and South Asia.