Twitter, the New York times by a Syrian pro-government hacker attacks

, Reuters reported yesterday, including the New York times, the huffington post, the British version, Twitter, website, have announced by hackers. The first and the attack behavior is a group called “the Syrian electronic army” (SEA).

although you may be familiar with the organization does not, but it has made a series of cyber attacks. The organization has attacked object includes: the BBC, CBS, NBC radio (NPR), the Associated Press, the guardian, Twitter. They claimed that anyone who against Syrian President Bashar al-assad (Bashar al – Assad) media and website are SEA attack the main object. Pointed out that the organization is very pay attention to my own way of communication, often with humor and fun way to express their political opinions. For example, in an attack on the Twitter in May this year, the SEA steal E! News accounts, repeating the three weibo, two of the article points out that Justin bieber admits that he is gay, the other is pointed out that famous film star Angelina jolie comments the Syrian revolution.

IT is understood that the SEA by attacking a domain name registration service providers in Australia Melbourne IT, thereby gaining the Twitter, such as the New York times website domain name record information.

Twitter, officials said the attack behavior, make it a photo service domain have been affected. No user information under threat. The truth is, part of the Twitter users can’t log on the website, or fail to load.

the New York times, the situation is not optimistic. Besides goes down to the captain of one hour, before paralysis, the New York times website domain name is captured by SEA, and go to a controlled by this group of hackers on the server. Not only that, in the face of the hacker attacks at the same time, the old rival, the Wall Street journal fish in troubled waters. The Wall Street journal allows user subscriptions, temporarily can read the full article website. And it also in the homepage paralysis reported the New York times.

professional analysis, the hacker attacks are likely with the Obama administration, decided to take action, against the Syrian government.