Twitter, submit an application to the SEC, bloomberg said it listed underwriters for Goldman sachs

today, Twitter announced that it has to the SEC filed plans.

the company said in its official Twitter, they will take a “secret list” plan. It is understood that last year, the Obama administration has passed. The provisions allow annual revenue under $1 billion in the growth of the company can be raised, and the company can also be for a period of time don’t open their performance indicators (must be open in the third week of the roadshow).

according to bloomberg news pointed out that Twitter will be listed on the nyse, underwriters for Goldman sachs.

as a giant in the field of social networking site, Twitter submitted applications the behavior, it is easy to take it comparing with Facebook. Although Twitter’s growth is very fast, but both in the number of users, or on the cashability doyen also fail to catch it. From February, according to a data Facebook is now $1.1 billion monthly active users, and the number of monthly active users of Twitter for 200 million.

it is understood that by the end of the second quarter of this year, Twitter on the secondary market, the total value reached $14 billion, hedge funds, for the price of $26-28 buy the shares.

Forrester Research, Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliott, Nate Elliott believes that Twitter commercial performance, will not be enough to satisfy the market. To this end, Twitter must further improve their marketability, especially in the case of building diversified advertising revenue model.

obviously Twitter has also realized it. On Monday, Twitter has completed the purchase of one of the biggest ever MoPub mobile advertising trading company for $350 million. After that, by the good news, Twitter straight up share prices.

this, elliott points out, buying MoPub such firms, will have an important influence on Twitter. Although Twitter and market value of billions of dollars in companies such as apple, Microsoft, compared with more and more individuation, personal user data, but it needs to further their own advertising trading platform in the evening.