Twitter or Google glasses application very soon

Beijing time on April 30, according to foreign media reports, Google company lead Glass of Collective enterprise alliance member of the United States Kleiner Perkins VCS John Doerr (John Doerr) in this month’s union, according to a statement on Twitter or will soon launch its own Google glasses application.

it is understood that the earliest found that Twitter has developed the Google glasses application and are testing is a named Jon Gottfried (Jon Gottfried) of Twitter users.

recently, Jon found a suffix on Twitter for “Twitter for Glass”. Jon, this message is Twitter through application Twitter Glass, because the Twitter never allow third party applications to use with the word “Twitter” tail.

in addition, the news is released by a call MogroothMuddler Twitter account. Mogrooth a mobile engineer manager of Twitter, he already has several begin with “Mogrooth” account. Shortly after the account is deleted, it shows that Twitter doesn’t want news early to be revealed out.

the company did not comment at the news.

translation: tencent technology