Twitter off powder business: earn up to $1 million a week

according to foreign media reports, Twitter fake fans market did not decline, instead of booming development, and formed a multi-million dollar business.

Twitter fake fans deal last summer to get media attention, the reason is that Romney (Mitt Romney) fans increased by 100000 people in a few days. The news prompted StatusPeople and SocialBakers networking tools, and other social media management company development to discern a Twitter account in proportion to the fake fans.

however, these sites do not prevent people from engaging in false fans and false forward transactions. The market for further development, some false account can real ones, those who sell fake fans claim can earn up to $1 million a week.

two security researchers from Italian Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli of fake fans trading underground economy over the past few months, they found that the booming market.

more than two dozen false account sale service Twitter, but the number is limited to relatively popular BBS and websites, including Fiverr, SeoClerks, InterTwitter, FanMeNow, LikedSocial, SocialPresence and Viral Media Boost. Based on the above service providers to sell false account, the two security researchers is expected to exist now up to 20 million fake fans account.

fake fans are usually packaged in 1000 to 1 million for sale. Barracuda Labs according to the survey, the average price of 1000 fake fans for $18. Some service providers even boast that each false account can earn $2 to $30.

and according to the survey of the two security researchers, 1000 to 1 million fake fans priced between $1 to $1000. Fiverr per 1000 Twitter, for example, false fan price is 5 dollars. Their conservative prediction, Twitter fake fans trading size is between $40 million to $360 million.

these fake fans would be sold to many buyers. In fact, buyers like fake fans pay attention to others at the same time, it looks more real.

in addition, some software can now make false account, the account information is complete, even is more real than real account. Seems to be the most false account will release often “true” or forwarding messages, have a head and profiles, some even with claim that their own website links. But after a careful observation can be found that part of the false account is in the forward from certain sites.

in addition to selling fake accounts and fans, service providers also in forwarding business. Two security researchers said, one day forward cost $9, article 5 information month forward 125 messages a day month fee of $150.

, for example, called Cilia Poon Twitter account contains Chinese profiles and contains content of a yahoo health blog in Chinese, and issued more than 17000 messages, but each message is tech blogs on The Web The forwarding of a message.

The Next Web Zee Kane’s chief executive, said The company know this account, but never pay for fake fans or false forward. He said it could be related to The Next Web after launch tools spread. The us, The tools allow others on Twitter to automatically publish The blog’s content, but The company eight months ago to stop marketing The tools, because The contribution to The traffic is not big.

service provider for the two security researchers, according to the software written can be made in five days up to 100000 new Twitter account, and business is good.

Twitter account for the users of different standards and Facebook. Facebook emphasize users binding one account, and Twitter allows the user to have multiple accounts at the same time. Twitter is also trying to hit the false content, but the difficulty is very big.

translation: sohu IT

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