Twitter mobile application update, further simplified two-step authentication management, enhance the search function

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Twitter in yesterday formally to mobile application (iOS/Android), conducted a large-scale updates. It is understood that the new mobile Twitter will change the original login authentication way, search services, and introduced a photo library browsing, etc.

, more secure, convenient way of login authentication

new mobile Twitter will in ascension account security, on the basis of further simplify the original login authentication mechanism. This update is canceled original message validation step, secondary certification will be made by Twitter message directly to the user’s phone push authentication.

Twitter said in a statement, do so in a series of benefits: first, the user does not have to bind mobile phone Numbers, especially for those who are more account of users, a new authentication will save you a lot of trouble they; Second, the original secondary authentication based on SMS, due to the development of the area communication network, may cause delay or unable to run normally. While within the application of the certification can be maximum cover all users; Third, the new login mechanism will also let the user see other terminal login request, the user agrees to after another terminal can log in.

more detailed operating principle is introduced, please

, more map of “search”

when a user use the search function, search tips will present the other user information relevant to the user.

photo library, browsing

in the search results, user photos have been added to display function.

list, update

Android version Twitter will provide users with updated list feature. Users can create, edit, the contact list.

at present, the new Twitter can download in the AppStore and GooglePlay, Twitter says, however, specific function update slightly different in the different operating systems.