Twitter microblogging patent! Weibo have to make money?

Twitter have patents had been applying for examination and approval, the drop-down refresh on the mobile application. This is the Tweetie first invented, later Tweetie is Twitter acquisition, converted into the official client. This mobile phone interaction patterns widely appeared in a lot of android and ios applications. Once the patent effect, is likely to affect a large number of applications.


twitter received more shock of a patent, they apply for patent “microblogging service product form” the examination and approval! The content of the patent is: such a kind of Internet product, the user can focus on each other between ( follow ), no need to fill in the recipient can send messages (unlike Email ), the user can see the men of his own concerns written message. It is all about Twitter direct description of the microblogging application!

all patents for Jack Dorsey, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, both of them is Twitter . The patent in the 2007 years may apply to is put forward.


Twitter really like apple so bossy, take the patents as the weapons, facebook later Timeline products and China’s sina weibo, and many other products will become a direct target of the patent. Stop operation may not be possible, licensing fees may not escape!


Twitter is a company on the patent keep conservative attitude. 2011 years apple’s patent wars, hot Twitter a alliance, led by stating patent weapons should not be stop innovation, and should promote innovation. Twitter also said its patents won’t be used to attack, but only for defense.

but what is the attack and defense is what? If twitter facebook product evolution with more and more similar, currently the trend clearly) will think that this is the twitter attack?

anyway, got the patent of the large power, the initiative is in the grip of Twitter .