Twitter IPO market popularity, conveniently to raise price

according to insiders, Twitter’s IPO (initial public offering), interested participants.

in the same way, according to people familiar with the “personal view”, to participate in the IPO of the bank on Twitter is of great interest, IPO investors. Before the order after the roadshow, investment Banks, the stock of the Twitter is already subscribed by investors.

you can see from the filing, Twitter is now expected to issue 7000 shares, issue price $17 to 20.

Twitter is expected on November 6th shares and start trading on the next day. But in front of the public Twitter may have more market demand increment or raise prices. Chief executive Dick Costolo meet investors in big cities is the United States, and in order to better start.

asset Management institutions Greencrest Capital Management LLC, an analyst at Santosh Rao says, “Twitter low price is just at the beginning in order to attract the attention of investors.” , he said, with reference to previous Facebook, Twitter is likely to be a price increase. Gabriel Stricker Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

the Twitter launched IPO is expected to raise 1.4 billion. Record, according to bloomberg, in May 2012, Facebook IPO raised 16 billion, its highest level in that time Internet IPO record.

last week, Twitter held two roadshow. According to people familiar with the matter, although the CEO Costolo and his staff are no idea how to make Twitter can realize the balance of payments, Twitter the IPO or by a certain attention, has caused considerable interest. The current market situation comprehensively, Twitter’s estimated market value of 10.9 billion.

in the United States, the company in front of the public generally take 1-2 weeks to communicate with investors to interview. Investment agreement shares during this period. IPO companies before being traded, according to the market subscribe to finally determine the IPO price.

Goldman sachs to become the main force of the IPO, the participants also including Morgan Stanley and jpmorgan chase.


Update: the latest news, according to, Twitter announced its IPO price range up to $23 to $25 per share, making it the IPO financing amount up to $1.75 billion.