Twitter how to make social advertising become big business?

Twitter recently for a period of time of the big points to the same goal: make more advertising revenue.

in the upcoming advertising trading system, or is the television media advertisers have to Twitter users. Exploration on social network advertising, Twitter is rich in all kinds of commercial products are becoming more and more.

according to market research firm eMarketer estimates, Twitter’s AD revenue will reach $583 million this year, compared with 2012 in advertising revenue will double. As 200 million monthly active users of social networks, Twitter for advertisers appeal lies in its master of a large number of personalized user data, and interactive forms of communication.

but with users and advertisers does not automatically translate into a better marketing results. Behind the premise is that Twitter has a clear effect of advertising product architecture and analysis tools.

for advertisers are accustomed to the traditional marketing way, and they expect social network advertising platform to help them find out the marketing object, has standardized on the process, the effect of clear statistical tools and reasonable way of settlement.

compared to the domestic standard positioning chaos on social advertising products, Twitter in the aspects of domestic practitioners should learn hard.

Twitter forms of advertising products have been known by everyone, mainly includes three types:

, recommend account (Promoted Accounts) : merchant account will be displayed in the user’s home page, recommended users attention;

, recommend information (Promoted Tweets) : merchants release of information fusion in the user home page, search the information flow of the information flow and merchants homepage stream, the user can click the link, forward, reply or collection;

, recommend trend (Promoted Trends) : merchants promote important topics, and to cause the user to actively participate in discussions, these will also appear in the user’s home page.

these three kinds of advertising products shape is not difficult to imitate, but behind the difficulty is that whenever I recommend recommend what type of users, to help advertisers get more marketing effect.

therefore, Twitter launched two paid advertising services: a self-service advertising service is geared to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, the other is a full service for big brand advertisers.

for small businesses, they can use Twitter self-service advertising service background in a short time automatically in the form of two campaigns: recommend to target population information published accounts and recommended himself. Due to the trend of “recommended” advertising price is very expensive, so the paid product is not provided in the self service.

drop points in the process of the four steps, select the desired delivery of target audience, advertising content, fill in the advertising price and payment method. This process is very fast. In the beginning of may this year, self-service advertising services to all users in the United States, this means that more people can use the platform to promote their content.

a full range of advertising services, mainly for large advertisers. By providing a higher advertising costs, advertisers can get Twitter provides more customized services, such as more sophisticated advertising effectiveness analysis data and have the characteristic form of marketing, etc.

Twitter AD precision on the basis of: data mining

a user so described Twitter’s AD: “as a product cleanliness, I even feel it like advertising.”

the high immersive feeling comes from the precision, and it depends on the social network behind the huge amounts of data mining, and algorithm analysis.

for businesses using Twitter advertisement service, select it in the taichung accurately targeted basis include five aspects: key words, the user interest, geographical location, gender, the same user properties and equipment.

only in user interest, for example, Twitter provided 350 categories of interest option, large categories include beauty, books, occupation, education, food and so on, each of the categories and small segment under options, such as movies and segmentation under action, animation, comedy, etc. Advertisers only need to check the related labels, can into the related interest attribute of the target population.

keywords on the delivery and user information including search of key words. In view of the equipment delivery were divided into the desktop, iOS, Android, blackberry and other mobile devices, etc.

it is based on the user identity attribute dig deep, can offer such a segment on the basis and standard. For advertisers, to find you want to put in the crowd really get social network marketing value. The interaction between users and advertising also increased.

Twitter charge form and effect analysis: based on the interaction between charge

Twitter advertising fee basis based on interactive (engagement). Advertisers bid bidding model is taken.

for advertisers, when a user listens to the recommended accounts, or recommend information for the click, reply, forward and collection, advertisers will be according to the previous offer, namely each to obtain an account or the cost of an interactive pay the advertising expenses. Due to the AD also set a daily budget value in the background, as a result, when pay the cost over budget, relevant recommendations will immediately stop, prevent costs more than advertisers expected.

in Twitter’s AD effect analysis of the background, advertisers can clearly see the recommended account number and information display, the actual interaction, conversion and pay the advertising fee, etc. In addition to Twitter its advertising effectiveness analysis data, using the API third-party data analysis platform for advertisers also provide all kinds of marketing analysis.

Twitter what to do next?

with Twitter in early may fully opened self-service advertising services, finally step into the regular basic Twitter advertising products. But for Twitter, it also provide more accurate delivery basis.

in recent week, it announced based on the user is watching TV, to the user’s stream on the period of the advertisers information of TV spots at the same time. Calls itself is to connect the screen of the “bridge” between Twitter users in other screens put attention to the value at the same time, feedback to the Twitter, allowing more advertisers realize Twitter marketing reinforcement effect.

another Twitter will launch advertising trading platform, according to industry rumours that means Twitter to Google (weibo), Facebook, yahoo! ‘s learning, using the user browsing data in other websites, on Twitter can recommend a match with the data of advertising information.

Twitter another class of rich media form Twitter Cards are an implicit form of the product development potential, such as last week launched “marketing promotion page” (Lead Generation Card). When the user expands the content, click on the plug-in to trigger button, can according to the information provided by the discount goods transfer purchase intentions, and automatically some basic information and contact (such as user name, Twitter ID and email, etc.) to release the merchants of the promotional information.

back in 2009, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, “the company will not have anyone engaged in advertising related products.” Today, the rich product line let advertising become the main source of income to the survival of Twitter.

although advertisers a year into the social network advertising accounts for only 1% to 10%, but in this area, it has against the unique advantages of traditional advertising: personalized user data. Learn the user’s behind is to make personalized marketing can also start to scale. Kevin kelly, if it were not for the new technology, everything is hard to imagine.

in retrospect, before Google, no one realized search advertising can earn such a high income. Today, after Twitter, the value of social ads are also being written again.

source: tencent technology