Twitter has been bottlenecks in the United States

and the astonishing thing is that Twitter in the United States in the second quarter on active users only increased by 1 million – from 48 million to 49 million. A year ago, Twitter monthly active users in the United States increased from 34 million to 37 million. But even more shocking is that, according to Onavo iPhone users in the United States between march and August the proportion of using Twitter has completely stagnant or even retrogress, during the five months, slipped to 27.2% from 27%.

it is worth mentioning that although the participation of Twitter in American iPhone users at a standstill, but rival them easily from 34% to 34%, while Snapchat surged to 13.2% from 20.8%. Yes, the strange Snapchat service now in the United States on active current is lower than Twitter only by 6%. Considering that Twitter has been deeply rooted in American media environment, it is amazing achievement. Now, it seems, to the next Easter Snapchat participation level is expected to more than Twitter. Smaller communication services such as Kik and Viber growth may also usher in blowout state in the next few quarters.

these emerging services have one thing in common, that is smaller and more closely follow the group. Many teenagers and college students are know by public comment and rude language, alcohol, drugs, and naked related problem. From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Kik can protect the bad behavior was too much exposure, and also enables them to reach dozens of peer groups.

this is why Twitter at this point decided to apply for IPO was a clever move. Rather than waiting for the monthly number of active users started a downward trend, and some of the young arrogant guy on the iPhone users active up and substantial over Twitter, now apply for IPO can deliver more cash. The incident would not lead to positive news headlines – but they may occur as soon as possible in this fast approaching winter.