Twitter from Facebook stole the young heart

“Facebook is for the older generation.” For who is familiar with the high school students, the idea is not fresh. But Piper Jaffray financial analysis company provides empirical data. In Jaffray survey as you can see, 26% of teens chose Twitter as a social main battlefield, and 23% of teens chose Facebook and sets. Selection Jaffray surveyed 8600 adolescents, Twitter, Facebook, sets a utilization rate is far higher than other social network platform – poor Google + won just 3% of the vote.

at the moment according to the survey of the differences, it seems Twitter is not particularly clear, only 3% of the lead level may also be unable to say anything. But contrast Jaffray survey data obtained at the beginning of this year, will be able to see the decline in popularity of Facebook. When Facebook has 33% of the user loyalty. In a survey, the former Jaffray said Facebook popularity among teenagers are falling, as “the most important social tools” there has been a slowdown in the number of respondents.

teenagers from Facebook to Twitter reported recently is common, although that is the case, but this does not mean that Facebook will worry alarming. ‘s sets are still popular, the young people in the online video advertising service will bring the more profitable. At the same time, along with Facebook to participate in the activities of the A4AI (promoting Internet access in developing countries), more Internet users will also help Facebook is expected to grow. Seems to be for Mr Zuckerberg, attract more Internet users than keep young heart.

although the outlook isn’t bad, Facebook popularity among teenagers slide in the long run is, indeed, Facebook needs to consider. If Facebook no longer become the main force of social networks, is no longer a juvenile social necessities, as the influence of the social network leader will decline with the user group of age. Of course, Facebook was already preparing to broaden the scope of business. From the recent launch of the image search function, Facebook is likely to be into the search field.