Twitter engineers: there are four different weibo and Twitter



reporters in the Twitter at some engineers, they think that sina weibo with Twitter product form away already, now you can see four big difference:

, Twitter “Jane” principle, sina weibo argues for a “rich” principle – sina weibo like led by multiple product manager at the same time.


, sina weibo as a “mini BBS”, encourages discussion forward; Twitter does not encourage discussion.

3 , sina system designed to encourage people to play “social pack Twitter is focused on news information itself.

4 , Twitter find accurate advertising mode of cash, have profit. Sina weibo has yet to find effective profit way.

the full text is as follows:

no matter how the industry bad-mouthing sina weibo, alibaba is still at least recognize sina this mobile Internet ticket in his hand. Sina weibo is ali valuation about 32.56 $, according to the weibo 5 million registered users, roughly the equivalent of each user is worth about 40 yuan than Facebook when each user 5 valuations (about $ and yuan). Win the sina weibo user lost money with his American frame of reference Twitter contrast; The latter’s registered users are 5 the order of magnitude, but it has already been through advertising business profitable.

I saw recently in the cut a dash in a series of news events Twitter (Boston, the news of the bombing of the first began in the Twitter ), could not help but think how weibo with their “master” drifting away. Take this question, the author visited Twitter headquarters, interviewed several Chinese engineers, want to listen to them about the eyes of the weibo with Twitter what are the different.

Twitter the contracted vs. sina weibo

Twitter an engineer told me, his eyes of sina weibo like led by multiple product manager at the same time the company. A wide variety of new features on the ground line (micro, micro connections, micro disk, video, in all kinds of micro). Sina will “weibo” greatly “rich” : the microblogging, microblogging, instant messaging, watching the news, in hot discussion, making friends, social, the public know to outshine each other, and so on. In the Twitter the engineer’s opinion, the weibo overall design principle is not very clear: revised many times, hundreds of multifarious functions, don’t know how many product managers are sharpening the head trying to put their ideas into it.

, by contrast, the Twitter praise highly is’ and ‘principle, ( Simplify is 10 one of the core value). From this, we Twitter interface design. With sina weibo, the function of the left and right sides of the numerous recommended Twitter not on additional features, but to put attention to in the middle of tweets, this is the essence of information. People tell me, Twitter very strict on the design, can’t add something casually, function is not the more the better. From birth to now, Twitter always abide by the logic of a product will firmly itself as a mobile terminal information broadcast platform. This only at the beginning of the beginning of the ‘blue birds’ only with a very simple mission: to satisfy the monologue and share of big son, tell the world by fragmentation information “ What are you doing ?” What were you doing (). Twitter know what you want, also know what not to.

Twitter the stubborn, and flexibility of sina weibo

a Twitter engineer quipped, “I Twitter to see push (whether his friends or CNN ), refresh the waves weibo, is more blunt comments and forwards to “. These respondents mentioned admiration that sina weibo micro BBS ‘genes; Weibo being seen as a particularly encouraging comments and forwarding of the platform. Like ‘home a dog one hand’ such little news value posts on sina weibo can be tens of thousands of forward and comments, the Twitter is almost unimaginable, unless the publisher is Lady Gaga .

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