Twitter doesn’t play patent wars: dynamic posture

yesterday, many media widely reported Twitter formally obtained a patent “drop-down refresh”. The innovation in the design of the application of the earliest originated from a third party client Tweetie ios version. 2010 , 4 on Twitter to buy Tweetie , made after the official client. “Drop-down refresh this patent is to” Twitter , after a lengthy patent application and approval process, now Twitter finally officially got the patent.

but now so many mobile applications have used “drop-down refresh”, they do?

Don ‘t Panic !


Twitter has made it clear: patent only used to defend it, need not to attack, not fighting patent wars. For this twitter last year issued a named IPA initiative.

IPA name: Innovator s Patent Agreement innovator’s licensing Agreement. The core content of agreement there are two: 1 , patent does not belong to the company, to generate these patent engineer or designer. If the company want to external use these patents, to be agreed by patent holders. 2 , patent should be conducive to innovation, and should not be used to aggressive “patent wars”.

is a smart decision! Why is that?

one, FaBuZeZhong. Unlike apple unlock design, Twitter if you want to take these patents to engage in a lawsuit, the object is too much! “Hard to count how many applications copy “drop-down refresh, anyway I phone 80% the contents of the above type sites have this feature. Apple can take design patent chasing the samsung, Twitter going to play?

2, Twitter weak patent. Although there are “drop-down refresh”, “micro blog”, such as patents, but in general as a New rising social media in recent years, the quantity, or quality, Twitter the patent is very weak, far from it than with the entrenched giants. Would be wise to avoid patent wars.

3, a good reputation. Internet industry and the audience in the past few years in Google, apple, samsung, oracle, Microsoft, between patent offensive has extremely tired. At this time to make this statement to the user identity, and at the same time also no loss.

Twitter is a company is both young and smart (utility). Early open policy as well as jack dorsey, ( Jack Dorsey ) of idealism in the inside of the enterprise. At the same time the castro pursuit of interests, the transformation of the global media (advertising) the company’s strategy and implementation in place. So we see the temperament of a contradiction and harmonious, vibrant and smart utility company: both idealism, and utilitarian considerations; Both pursue the free flow of information, and tighten the open platform… The “double lean” temperament also appear on Google, such as pingwest ” as described.

Twitter is a smart young company, while Facebook do belly up gradually. American children more and more like Twitter , hate Facebook , which is a circumstantial evidence.