Twitter announced on May 13, stop supporting IE6 and IE7

Beijing time on April 20, morning news, Twitter announced this week that will begin from May 13 to stop support for IE6 and IE7 browser. Twitter in 2010 launched a Tweet (released) button, it was based on IE6 to develop.

Twitter in the blog, said: “when the Tweet button was launched in 2010, Microsoft Internet explorer 6 is our foundation. Now, the majority of users have been upgraded, we saw the IE6 users are fell sharply. On May 13, 2013, we will stop supporting IE6 and its subsequent IE7.”

after the Twitter stop supporting, Tweet button, Follow (attention) button, embedded Twitter messages and Twitter timeline will no longer support IE6. Twitter said: “the script will automatically detect browser does not support, and automatically exit. But from the content of the embedded code will remain.” In addition, to support the user to interact with Twitter little tool box frame will no longer support IE6 and IE7.

Twitter gadgets will still render in IE7, but Twitter will only give IE7 “limited support”, the new function of the future won’t support IE7. Although no longer support IE6 and IE7, but in the browser, Tweet links can help users to share the page, and Follow the link will point to other user’s personal page, embedding the time line of the code will still link to the site of the main timeline.


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